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For my money the answer to all these goings on is to start filming the meetings then everyone can see exactly what happened and who said what and there will be nowhere to hide if you are rude or disruptive, whoever you may be.


News from the Parish Meeting on Wednesday 4th June.

In respect of Judy Dalton, the departing Councillor told her not to shout at him – says JD I WILL SHOUT and did. It is worthy of note she threatened to evict the public – for what other than showing her ire, she then took out her mobile phone and threatened to call the police. What a truly courageous thing to do NOT and what a truly magnificent waste of police resources YES.
However after such comments from the genuinely caring members of the public she backed down.

Speaking of which we had Iain St.John laying into the public, attempting to blame the well known atrocious behaviour of Anston Parish Council onto the public. His display was the usual rude aggressiveness. At the end of the meeting in the public session, I told JD (unelected Chair) I was registering my exception to Iain St.John’s attempts at transference and that his rude behaviour was legion. JD tried to close me down at that point, I continued. I brought up the exceptionally vile, prolonged and aggressive verbal attack Iain St.John had made against an elderly and well respected member of our community, Why was Iain St.John not censured and turned out. Why this attack (and it was very serious) Mr Dickens had asked for an answer to his question.

There you have it – Labour have learned nothing.


How to contact your Councillor.


Were you aware Labour controlled Anston Parish Council has indebted us for the next 20 years by borrowing a total of £254,000 to buy greenbelt land?*                      This land was not part of the Local Development Plan and was identified to remain part of our greenbelt. The money will have to be repaid by Anston residents via the parish precept which is now the 2nd highest in the Borough.                                                                                   * The residents of Anston have got to pay a total of £12,800 per year for the next 20 years to repay this debt.*                                                                                                            When were you asked for your opinion on this?  Forget the Labour party propaganda about ‘enhancing’ the woods, ‘enhance’ is a word that was never discussed in any APC meetings.



2 Responses to Parish Council News

  1. JoHart75 says:

    Very informative and highlighted some little-known facts! Shouldn’t Anston Parish Council be held to account for their actions?


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