Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the wider public.

The situation on The Green is horrendous.

Children cannot play there and especially in the snow they cannot make snowmen or snowballs for fear of getting a handfull of dog mess as they scoop the snow.

I have lived on The Green c40years and during the time of the previous parish council degredation became the norm, as it has with the current Parish Council.

Children used to play without fear of dog mess, they built snowmen, barricades etc., and have snowball fights.  The Green was then a place to behold and admire with rose beds, wild flowers, wild life – birds, bees insects, butterflies etc., – NO MORE – it is denuded, the long used grassy bank is overtaken by brambles.  We no longer see tawny owls- WHY – their resting areas (trees) have been chopped down, bats no longer forage here – nothing holding their food source, all chopped down.  All this deliberate desecration by APC has led to the area being regarded by many of the public as “just a piece of grass”

It is well known that neglect leads to antisocial behaviour whereas in areas that are upgraded and kept well antisocial behaviour improves and often ceases.

I have brought this matter of antisocial dog fouling to the attention of APC on a number of occasions. One time I mentioned there were 16 deposits on that day, mainly from large dogs at which Dr Drew Tarmey, Chairman, just laughed.  I was left to point this out to the councillors who apart from 3 or 4 took no notice.

SO What hope and no wonder Anston is in the state it is.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh

The Green


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Dog fouling in Anston

Dog fouling in Anston-and elsewhere-is becoming a serious cause for concern.

It was reported on Wednesday there have been 14 deposits from large dogs on The Green, and other recent instances of dog poo on the Recreation Ground, in Anston Stones woods, Ryton Rd. and Lakeland Drive to name a few places where irresponsible dog owners refuse to take their responsibilities as dog owners seriously.

The recreation ground, the village green and other open spaces are places for sport and recreation – with the dreadful fouling that is taking place and irresponsible owners not picking up it is a danger to health. We all know dog poo can lead to serious health issues including blindness.

Everyone-including children-should be kept safe and be free from dog faeces.

Not every dog owner ignores their dog(s) pile of poo but owners who do are spoiling open spaces and amenities for the rest of us.

One of the questions that has been asked is whether or not Anston Parish Council is legally required to place notices in its parks and green spaces to ensure RMBC officers can effectively carry out their enforcement role? It has been clarified by the Head of Service, Regulation & Enforcement at RMBC that there is no need for signs – the Council (RMBC) had a Dog Control Order (which has become a Public Space Protection Order to cover dog fouling across the Borough) so regardless of the landowner, if the land is open to the public RMBC can issue fines for dog fouling.

Dog owners note: You are responsible for Your dog. Pick it up.



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Fracking awareness session at Tropical Butterfly House.

The Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston will welcome members of Woodsetts Against Fracking on Thursday, March 1, from noon to 4pm.

A spokesman for the campaign group said: “Our local councillor Katherine Wilson will be in attendance to support this venture, where people can learn more about what fracking entails.

“They can raise any concerns they might have and if they would like help to submit an objection letter to RMBC, help will be on hand from our volunteers.”

The Tropical Butterfly House backed the campaign with a £500 donation last month.

Read more at:,tropical-butterfly-house-to-host-fracking-awareness-session_25716.htm

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Controversial Anston church plans earmarked for refusal

A RELIGIOUS group’s plan for a church and football centre on green belt land have been recommended for refusal.

Previous applications from the Plymouth Brethren Christian for a place of worship on Common Lane, North Anston, were rejected in 2013 and 2015.

Last year, a third proposal was announced — this time including multi-million sports facilities for Anston Rangers Junior Football Club.

Rotherham Borough Council’s planning board will vote on the latest plan — including 331 parking spaces — at its meeting on Thursday. Officers noted the Brethren’s need for a larger premises but have recommended refusal, saying the proposal would be inappropriate for the green belt.

They said the sports facilities — comprising six pitches, a clubhouse and groundsman’s shed — were not necessary given the team’s current premises and did not provide a reason to build on the protected countryside.

A report added: “It is noted that the football club currently play at Greenlands Park, where there could potentially be further pitches laid out with moderate investment for the removal of some small islands of trees and shrubs and the levelling of an area that was previously laid out for golf.

“The site at Greenlands Park has purpose built changing rooms, toilets, training room, kitchen and storage.These facilities are of brick construction, built in 2007 and meet Sport England requirements.”

Of 349 letters sent to the council, 327 were in favour of the plan.They said the site was currently blighted by fly-tipping and praised the potential benefits to sport for young people.

Objectors, including Dinnington Town Council, bemoaned the loss of the green belt and raised concerns about the extra traffic.,controversial-anston-church-and-football-facility-plans-earmarked-for-refus_25541.htm


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Parish Election Result

Election result for South Anston  ward.

Total number of votes cast 627 -32% of electorate.

Rosie Robins-Independent. 112 votes  -17.86%

Steven Smith-Lib-Dem.        448 votes -71.45%

Kevin Pearson-Independent. 64 votes -10.20%

There were 3 spoiled ballot papers.

Steven Smith declared the winner.

68% of eligible voters could not be bothered to lift their butts from their sofas and exercise their democratic right-which has been hard fought for-and vote for someone to represent them on the parish council.

I understand Mr.Pearson did not attend the count.

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Kevin Pearson’s Illegal Election Leaflets

News reaches me that Kevin Pearson’s election leaflets are illegal.  (I have also since seen one of his leaflets)

He has not included the imprint on his leaflets. An imprint is added to election material to show who is responsible for its production. It helps to ensure that there is transparency about who is campaigning. Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, there are rules about putting imprints on election material. Election material is any material that can be reasonably regarded as intended to promote or procure the election of a candidate at an election.
On printed material such as leaflets and posters, you must include the name and address of:  the printer, and the promoter. The promoter is the person who has authorised the material to be printed. This may be the person notified to RMBC as the ‘responsible person’, or someone authorised by them to incur spending. You can use either home or office addresses. It is an offence for a printer or promoter to publish printed election material without an imprint.
Given that Cllr. John Ireland  and his wife signed Mr. Pearson’s nomination papers and Cllr. Myles Manship is reported to have had some input into Kevin Pearson’s election leaflets is it not strange nobody mentioned or noticed the lack of an imprint?

The potential consequences of a breach of these requirements are serious. If the promoter of the material or any other person by whom the material is so published or the printer of the document commits this offence, they are liable to a fine of up to £5,000. I understand DC. Philip Butterworth of South Yorkshire Police and Claire Wardle Electoral Services Manager at RMBC are investigating this breach of electoral law.

If Kevin Pearson omits simple important legal information from his election leaflets why does he think he is a suitable candidate for election as a parish councillor?



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Parish Election

The race is on.

Polling will take place on 8th February for the vacant seat on Anston Parish Council. There are three candidates for the South Anston ward:

Rosie Robins-Independent

Steven Smith -Lib-Dem

Kevin Pearson-Independent

Party politics has no place at parish council level, Independents do not have political masters who dictate policies.

APC needs more women councillors IMV to represent the views of local residents.

Let battle commence……………….


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