Parish Election

The race is on.

Polling will take place on 8th February for the vacant seat on Anston Parish Council. There are three candidates for the South Anston ward:

Rosie Robins-Independent

Steven Smith -Lib-Dem

Kevin Pearson-Independent

Party politics has no place at parish council level, Independents do not have political masters who dictate policies.

APC needs more women councillors IMV to represent the views of local residents.

Let battle commence……………….


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The Carillion Loop

News of the Construction and services firm Carillion PLC going into compulsory liquidation with a threat of job losses to 20,000 people, is a testament to the crazy economic system we endure. We are now in the Carillion Loop which has three parts.

The first is the cycle where profit is privatised and massive losses are ‘socialised’. Businessmen are eulogised and deified and put on the telly as gurus and wise men. Public sector workers and leaders are ridiculed. We take all the risk, they take all the money.

The second is where profit is made by ripping off our public services. The likes of Carillion bids for and gets contracts for public institutions and bodies, and then charges exorbitant fees within that, driving up the costs of running that body (often – as in the school meals – hiding their appalling practice behind “commercial confidentiality”). Our politicians then tell us that body is too expensive to run (probably too many immigrants or something).

The third part of the loop is where these PFI contracts are “flipped”. As the Independent reports:

“Private contractors have pocketed hundreds of millions of pounds of profits in the past four years by exploiting deals that were controversially awarded to them by the last Labour government. Companies that were awarded contracts to build and maintain state schools for 25 years have been doubling their money by “flipping”, or selling on, the Private Finance Initiative (PFIs) projects just four years after finishing them.”

Four contractors alone made profits of more than £300m. Carillion made £12.2m according to stock market filings and company documents. In any sane country this would be a wake-up call for the disastrous policies of privatisation which have puts thousands of jobs a stake, undermined hundreds of small companies and routinely rip-off the public purse. It would bring down a government and cause such a shock to the general public it would trigger a reassessment of the decades-old mantra of private good-public bad and usher in a new era.

Jim Kennedy, Unite’s national officer for local government, said: “Public services, vast amounts of public money, thousands of jobs, including in a lengthy supply chain of insecure agency workers who are also at risk, and workers’ hard-saved pensions are all in danger of being dragged under by yet another bout of reckless corporate irresponsibility.

“There are also serious questions that need to be asked and answered about Carillion’s conduct.

“Did directors move to protect their bonuses before the financial stability of the company?”

That’s a good question.

BlackRock, where George Osborne is a £650,000-a-year adviser, are among the short-sellers that have made a killing betting on Carillion’s collapse. 

Campaign group People vs PFI (private finance initiatives) said the crisis was reminiscent of the 2008 banking crash and any notion of a bailout or state-backed loan guarantees should be rejected. People vs PFI campaigner Joel Benjamin said: “Carillion’s implosion is a timely reminder just how out of step UK privatisation and infrastructure finance policy is with public opinion.

“PFI deals are rightly associated by the public with crony capitalism and corruption and should be banned.”

The most troubled contracts include: HS2, Midland Met Hospital; Royal Liverpool Hospital and the Aberdeen bypass.

None of this is new.

Back in 2016 when PFI-built schools in Edinburgh were literally falling apart, that as a wee wake-up call right then.

Back then George Monbiot called PFI:

A racket, the legacy of 13 years of New Labour appeasement, triangulation and false accounting.”

The scheme, which started under the John Major government, was enthusiastically embraced by Blair and Brown’s administrations. Scotland wasn’t just the testing ground for this disaster (the first PFI project in Britain was the Skye bridge), it has a far higher proportion than anywhere else.

As the writer Gerry Hassan pointed out: “Scotland has 40% of PFI schools with 8.5% of the population.”

Why is that? Brown  persuaded Blair to take PFI forward – resulting in a debt of a cool £222bn.

Carillion is the PFI scandal writ large. It is Britain’s dark money, shabby deals that steal from the public and shovel money into the mouths of the rich. The system is discredited. The model is broken. It is crumbling before our eyes.


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This gallery contains 2 photos.

Keep your eyes peeled for a white Transit van, Reg. No. ETO2 DWU. It has Blue film tint on the rear windows and three Iranian/Kurdish men on board. Seen in South Anston to day attempting to break into a van … Continue reading

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Christmas 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers and visitors a very Merry Christmas. I hope you’re spending the holiday season with your family, friends and loved ones.

Remember to always count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have. Take some time to pause, reflect and share some love to the people that mean most to your life……for they are the ones that truly make your life rich.

Whoever you are and wherever you are I wish you peace and happiness at this time.


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Sir Kev’s Double Standards.

On 3rd November 2017 Sir Kev wrote this:

Thank you for contacting me regarding fracking in Harthill and Woodsetts. This has obviously caused a huge amount of worry in the local community for both villages. I have attended numerous meetings regarding this topic over the past few months to engage in open discussion with local residents about their concerns. I will continue to do this and I will also be facilitating meetings between residents’ representatives and agencies, so that residents can be fully informed of the most recent research on this issue. Just next week I have a meeting between the campaign groups and the Coal Authority who will explain their regulatory position. I was elected on a manifesto pledge to stop fracking and will continue to support my constituents on this issue.

Whilst I disagree with their plans I feel it is necessary to keep an open line of dialogue with INEOS to ensure that I have the best available information about what is happening on the sites in Harthill and Woodsetts. INEOS need to do more to engage with the local community. It is not acceptable for people to be in the dark about plans that will affect their lives. It was outrageous that the first time many people in Woodsetts knew about the plan was when court ordered injunction notices were posted around the village. I raised this issue both publically and privately with INEOS and they have pledged that this kind of incident will never happen again.

In the last Parliament the Opposition tabled an amendment to the 2015 Infrastructure Bill that would have ensured that fracking could not take place until 13 environmental safeguards were in place. Unfortunately, the Coalition Government, after initially accepting these safeguards, rowed back on its commitment to them. Furthermore, regulations on fracking that the current Government has introduced fail to provide critical environmental protections. In my view, the Government is ignoring people’s legitimate concerns.

I know that many campaigners have been attending my constituency surgeries but would ask that we, instead, arrange a separate community meeting. My surgeries on a Friday are for individual constituents with single issues and some have been intimidated about coming to the surgeries due to worries about crowds of people being there. I will liaise with the representatives of the campaign groups to arrange a suitable date and location for these meetings.

Thank you once again for contacting me and for sharing your views. I can assure you I will continue to monitor developments on this issue and to press the Government to listen to genuine and widely held concerns about fracking. I fully understand that these plans are causing a huge amount of worry for people in the two villages affected and I will be doing all I can to try and alleviate some of that worry. (Author’s bold)

Sir Kev claims the government is  ‘ignoring people’s legitimate concerns’.  His voting record on environmental protection during fracking operations tells a different story:

On 26 Jan 2015: Kevin Barron abstained on a vote on Infrastructure Bill — New Clause 1 — Environmental Permits for Hydraulic Fracturing Activities

On 26 Jan 2015: Kevin Barron was absent for a vote on Infrastructure Bill — New Clause 9 — Moratorium on Onshore Unconventional Petroleum — Review Impacts of Exploitation

On 11 Feb 2015: Kevin Barron voted against requiring a more extensive set of conditions be met prior to consent for hydraulic fracturing being given.

On 16 Dec 2015: Kevin Barron voted against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes.

It isn’t only the government ‘ignoring people’s legitimate concerns’ is it Sir Kev?





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For the record……

I am publishing this in fairness to Mrs.H.Estrada-Haigh who like everyone else has the right of reply particularly as certain assertions and claims were written as ‘facts’.

Reply to Graham.

The lady on the Green attempted for 4 years to deal with APC after Iain St.John and other APC councillors came up to the green and abused her in April 2000.  (Witness statements on file)

Why had they come up and surreptitiously? – To consider the request of Mr & Mrs Fielding of No.11 to have The Green dug up for parking of their cars!! APC were informed of the obvious – by I believe RMBC – that village greens are protected in law.  NB: Interference of a village green is unlawful.

However Fieldings then parked their dustbins and cars upon the VG seriously compromising the access and egress of the lady.  When the lady asked APC to take action and remove these offending items she had threats levelled against her i.e. that they would close the vehicular access to her cottage.  APC became determined to close the vehicular access to her cottage, just hers, no-one elses.  In the end she had no option but to take action to protect her property.

.Have you read the summation of Judge Langham who said “What else could she do, what else could this lady do?”

APC had been professionally advised to cease their actions but obviously did not. Robin Stonebridge circulated an email to all councillors saying – Hi all, it looks like our case amounts to get stuffed. (The original with all papers lodged securely. That APC went to various courts with 6 appearances demonstrates their determination!!

The final action APC brought was against Judge Shaun Spencer (remember all on public money) who after walking around Anston Village  had said in court “If that car was parked outside my house like that it would get right up my nose.”

APC’s barrister had the professional embarrassment of APC seeking a second opinion.  Where did they go – to none other than to the chambers of Sir Anthony Scrivener QC – the cost of this would have been very high but was never disclosed.   That APC, in their determination, used public funds is deplorable.

Have you read the witness statements?  They are unbelievable especially those from Robin Stonebridge and Michael Gazur.  Some of the things contained therein were staggering and commented upon by Judge Spencer on his visit to the site.   They were disallowed.

The damage done by Fieldings, to the surface of the green (letter to APC re deliberate and many wheelies) an area I had maintained at my own expense and kept in pristine condition.  Taking down the bank which had been planted by RMBC – pubic money!  This damage is still not rectified.

From this brief summary you will see from the transcript – The court judged on the matter before it – that of the lady’s vehicular right of way to her cottage. The transcript of the court sets out the lady’s entitlement in law of her vehicular access to her cottage and rights of useage.

You may ask yourself why APC took action against someone who had cared for and maintained the area and allowed such flagrant breach of law and damage to the Village Green to go unchecked. I leave that to others to wonder!

Permissive right of access – no such thing –

I hope this brief summary helps you have a clearer understanding of the matter.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh  (The Lady)


Before anyone is tempted to reply you should be aware of the libel laws. Do not under any circumstances make false and erroneous claims or statements that cannot be verified or legally challenged.

Posts that breach common decency or are potentially libellous will be deleted and the poster will be blocked..

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Judy Dalton Fails-Again.

I’m grateful to my new source for the following insight into the pathetic behaviour of Judy Dalton and her two friends at the Parish meeting on Monday 20th November.

Prior to the APC meeting, 10 councillors registered their arrival (Cllr.Vernon arrived later) and in walks Judy Dalton followed by grim faced Joyce Brindley and Helen Wardle accompanied by her boyfriend. They were sitting on the front row trying to look intelligent.  Sgt.Worral was sitting on the back row being duly observant.

Public question time: Up pops Mrs.Dalton and steps to the microphone, she is ‘very concerned’ that Cllr.Thorton is standing in as temporary Administrator until a new person is employed.  Chairman Cllr.Tarmey assured Mrs.Dalton there is nothing untoward about a councillor volunteering his time (unpaid) to help the Clerk and Cllr.Thornton has no ulterior motives. Why is Dinnington resident Judy Dalton ‘very concerned’ about Anston Parish Council? Failed part-time ex councillor Dalton and her cohorts were trying to score political points. They failed miserably.

Was Judy Dalton ‘very concerned’ when she and her Labour colleagues almost bankrupted APC?

Was she ‘very concerned’ when she failed to register her Gangs and Grooming company in the Members Register of Interests at RMBC?

Was she ‘very concerned’ when she tried to bounce the previous council into setting aside £2,000 for a Chain of Office for the Chairman?

Was she ‘very concerned’ when she voted to cut £30,000 from APC’s annual grant from RMBC over three years? (2015/16. 2016/17 and 2017/18)

Was she ‘very concerned’ when she was publicly outed by Louise Casey as one of the Labour clique of RMBC councillors being “Not Fit for Purpose”?

Hmmm..Thought not.

Helen Wardle’s boyfriend also had his say at the end of the meeting. He said  ‘Some comments from councillors were disgraceful’.

Respect is a two way street. If members of the public ask reasonable questions in the proper manner instead of making snide remarks and false allegations and listened to the answers before interrupting then there are no valid reasons why the public question time should not be harmonious. Attacking councillors and/or their credibility is a sure fire way to raise hackles.

As members of the public were leaving it is alleged Joyce Brindley-(whose husband was bound over after his fracas with Stuart Thornton)-verbally abused Cllr.Tawn. No change there. She has verbally abused other Parish councillors on previous occasions.

Mrs.Brindley is another failed ex APC councillor who spent her entire time on APC as a (Sham) Independent  agreeing to every proposal made by Labour councillors and is famous for looking at the budget proposals and saying ‘We should leave it to the professionals’(!) She was a Labour party nodding donkey and never made any worthwhile contributions to parish meetings other than to attack Independent councillors, Cllr.Thornton in particular, as part of her support for the Labour controlled administration.

If she was an Independent why did she run and scarper with the Labour members of APC  when they resigned en masse?

All in all it appears that the annual outing of the Judy Dalton Supporters Club was a damp squib.


For the benefit of new readers and those suffering from collective amnesia please click on this link:




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