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The truth about Anston Parish Council.

This site aims to keep you informed on all matters Parish with some Borough information to flavour the mix.
The 3rd Monday in the month is Parish Council meeting night- this is your chance to meet the Councillors and share your questions and/or raise any issues during the public questions session. If you’ve never been before – it’s an interesting insight into how the council works and the decisions they make which affects you.

Independent Councillors are free from Influence, Persuasion, Bias, Control or Determination from any Political Group, Party or Individual.

Independent Parish Councillors work for YOU-not a political party.

This page is also for councillors to explain what they do,what they cannot do and how Anston Parish Council works.                                                                                                            The views expressed on here do not necessarily reflect the views of Anston Parish Council.                                                                                                                                We have agreed contributors can remain anonymous. This is not only to protect them  from claims they may be breaching the Code of Conduct but also to protect them from malicious and spurious comments.                                                                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Parish councils, as depicted in the BBC series The Casual Vacancy (February 2015) are rife with scheming and intrigue and peopled by oddballs – Allegedly.

Parish councils, we are led to believe, are hotbeds of intrigue, corruption and passion. Those who sit on them, a colourful mixture of oddballs and zealots. Or so one might think if television is to be believed.

In JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy, the BBC adaptation of which was shown last February, scheming characters are pitted against each other in fictional Pagford’s local authority. This follows the long-running Vicar of Dibley, a BBC sitcom that painted a frequently hilarious picture of parish councillors. Funny, but wildly inaccurate.

There was no hard-fought election or cut-throat campaigning to win my seat. Like most of the other members we had no opposition when the Labour administration ran off. If you’re looking for intrigue, I’m afraid that’s as far as it tends to go in a real parish council. As for corruption, there’s absolutely no scope for back-handers.

There is unemployment and economic need in our area. Not everyone is prosperous or well-heeled. There are council houses and large houses within the parish boundaries. Yet the most the parish council can do to tackle this is fight on your behalf for our fair of revenues and new employment opportunities. Everything else is beyond our remit-including saving the Greenbelt, sadly. For contrary to what many believe, we have very little power and influence when it comes to planning. We can express an opinion, sure, but that doesn’t mean anyone further up the chain takes any notice.

Since we are all volunteers, there are surely better ways to spend our free time. So why do I continue? I do wonder sometimes. But had I wanted to live anonymously, having nothing to do with my neighbours or community, I’d stay at home.

It is this community, the excellent primary schools, the proximity of good local shops and access to our beautiful  countryside that encouraged me and my family to stay here in Anston, not the parish council. But it’s something I have come to value.

Now, if I cut my finger badly, half the village knows before I’ve even put the plaster on. The parish council, while lacking the plotting or comedy of its on-screen representations, is part of that shared experience, and Anston is all the better for having one.                                                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx










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21 Responses to Anston Parish Council-Councillors Corner

  1. Mick says:

    Hope you don’t mind me as an ex Councillor asking a question. Why has the “leave a comment” and “Reply” boxes gone from a blog only 10 days after publishing, especially when the topic concerns the general election which is still three weeks away? Thanks.


  2. Veritas says:

    Further to Eric’s post @ 8:31am.
    ‘It is a shame we were charged double time for the bonfire, with it being on a Sunday. £1800 is expensive for a fire.’
    Where did Eric get his information from? I’ve been a resident of Anston for 42 years and my source of information about what our parish council,spends is via the Parish newsletter. Is this another example of leaked information?
    Why should the Anston Festival Day committee get a grant? The Festival has made a reasonable profit for the last two years and gets free use of the parish hall. As I understand it grants are given to-or should be given to-non profit organisations.
    Is Eric suggesting taxpayers money is given away to everyone who applies for a grant irrespective of the amount of money they have in their bank account?
    You do not speak on my behalf Eric.


  3. Mr M says:

    Don’t forget Bonfire Night is one the 6th at 7pm


    • eric says:

      This years firework display was excellent. Well done to Cllr Manship, the chairman of the bonfire committee. It is a shame we were charged double time for the bonfire, with it being on a Sunday. £1800 is expensive for a fire. Maybe not having a bonfire only fireworks next year could be considered. The savings could be put in the budget for Christmas decorations and budgeted grant for The Anston Festival Day. An idea that could be considered in next years budget.


  4. Mick Colman says:

    What is this please?

    Protected: VOTE!

    Posted on June 23, 2016 by Watchman

    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


  5. vocalyokel says:

    Should the post at the top of page not read. “As for corruption, there would be absolutely no scope for back-handers if financial regulations were followed”


  6. christine sadler says:

    thought the general public would like to know progress on my pet hate DOG FOULING Who are these people ????? no one spots them in the act but you soon see the evidence !!!!
    Our hard presssed dog wardens need the help of everyone to trap the culprits. If you see dog fouling but do not know them please take a photo, or record I.D. of dog and owner to report to the dog wardens on 01709 822453, leave a message and they will ring you back. Also please inform Streetpride on 01709 336003 who will pass on to street cleaners to do a clean up job.
    This is a national problem and some councils are taking more action such as DNA and fining any dog owner not carrying bags. Rotherham Borough Council have a lot of catching up in the remedial stakes, but that will come as no surprise to ratepayers.
    Please help with this serious health problem, protect our children and enforce the law,
    £80 on the spot fine or £1000 if it goes to court.
    Lets try folks to Bag a Dog Fouler today.


  7. christine sadler says:

    From Christine Sadler
    APC meeting 21 March was a vast improvement. There was tighter control of q’s and discussions. One improvement I would like to see is that comments are taken in order round the table instead of cllrs sticking their hand up and hoping the chair will spot you, it will save my strength if nothing else!!!!! At this meeting the formation of committees was deferred till May as there will be a new formation then anyway, so no point discussing at this late stage. Hopefully we will then get on to some of the outstanding work such as my pet subject THE GREEN. This needs not a lot more than LEAVING ALONE to let nature do her work of feeding the insects and all God’s little creatures dependent on destructive man for survival. Don’t worry you worry warts the place will be kept tidy in most areas but a lot of consideration will be given to the regular inhabitants and their food, such as the much loved by Bees, White Clover that grows alongside the path. Last summer we surveyed the bats and moths, so any volunteers for a late night vigil will be most welcome. There are plans afoot for an information board in the parish hall and public interest and participation will be encouraged, I am certain this village is full of experts and our village needs you.


  8. Mick Colman says:

    APC Councillors corner is a good idea. I think Christines suggestion of a news report following Council meetings is worth considering even if imo. it would need to tell it as it is (or was), warts and all. It would be a mixed bag telling of the good bits of the meeting and the not so good bits, which a lot of the time is VERY not so good. It would probably show the Council in a good light and poor light in equal measures. It would also give Councillors the opportunity to say what they like or dislike about being a Councillor. There are a lot of new Councillors at APC and some criticise others for writing on a forum such as this. I call it democracy and freedom of speech, maybe the critics don’t have such beliefs. In which case they would be welcome to come on here and say why. I realise that in doing so would be against their beliefs but, Hey! That’s democracy for you.


  9. christine sadler says:

    Please can we have more news reports following APC meetings so anyone can keep up with the doings, or in most cases the non-doings of cllrs. A lot of time is wasted during meetings when questions are not put to a “round the table” discussion, and some questions and answers are ignored during discussions. this results in a rabble.
    I am hoping for a display board to show the state of The Green at North Anston and improvements necessary to promote insect and wildlife habitats.
    The results of the 2005 dig in Anston Stones wood by Durham University could also be a welcome addition to the Parish hall. Any other suggestion especially by members of the public will be gratefully received.


    • Veritas. says:

      As you are a councillor Christine might I suggest you write short reports of council meetings and forward them to this blog?
      You’ve never been shy putting pen to paper therefore you’d make an ideal ‘reporter’ IMV.


    • Watchman says:

      I think you both misunderstand the purpose of this section.
      Reports of APC meetings can be found here:

      ‘Councillors Corner’ was added at the request of a parish councillor. The idea behind it is to give insights into the work of a councillor and also to explain what a parish councillor does outside of parish meetings to try and bring benefits to the community.
      Any complaints about the progress and conduct of APC meetings should be addressed to the Chairman Ivan Jepson.


    • Mick Colman says:

      Any complaints about the progress and conduct of APC meetings should be addressed to the Chairman Ivan Jepson. Mmmmm ! scarey.


  10. Mick Colman says:

    And this is in Arial 11 2013.


    • Watchman says:

      After a bit more research it seems most ‘Word’ formats are OK.
      Publishing problems are with ‘Word protected’ documents and PDF files which will not be accepted.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  11. Mick Colman says:

    Hi, this is done in word 2013 and in Times New Roman 11.


  12. Mick Colman says:

    May I add the following information which I have copied from an earlier post.
    ” If anyone wants to send in an article to be considered for publication please note the following: The format should be Word 97-2003 and in the fonts ‘Verdana’ or ‘Ariel’ size 11. Using other fonts means I have to spend time transcribing the script, otherwise the published version will be in small writing.”
    Can I also ask if word 2013 is ok and could you let contributors know if the format that they used is not suitable?


    • Watchman says:

      Thanks for your comments Mick.
      The software for this blog recognises most word formats but…………….Word 97-2003 is the easiest to publish.
      I’m not sure about Word 2013 however if you want to send a comment in that format by all means do so and I will give feedback.


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