Armed Robbery in Dinnington

NEWSFLASH @6:00pm 14th October. South Anston Post Office and shop was robbed earlier today by four masked men. It is understood one man has been arrested and the Police Helicopter, Armed Police and Officers with sniffer dogs are hunting for the other members of the gang.

Yesterday (Saturday) robbers broke into a family home in Lindrick Common. There are no further details at the present time.

It is safe to say that because our Police and Crime Commissioner-Dr.Alan Billings-forced the closure of Dinnington Police Station gangs of thugs know they have at least 15 minutes to escape before Police officers stationed at Maltby arrive on scene.

How is your reorganisation of our local area Police force (‘for efficiency’) going Dr.Billings?

UPDATE: In the past 7 days there have been five robberies in Dinnington. Tesco’s,Domino’s Pizza, Salvation Army Charity  shop,Bluebell Wood Hospice (Power tools stolen from a shed) and Screwfix where a number of power tools were also stolen. Stealing is bad enough but to steal from a hospice and a charity shop is beyond despicable. The lowlife scum responsible for these robberies deserve to be severely punished but our liberal judiciary will probably give them just a slap on the wrist.

Domino’s Pizza was robbed at knifepoint yesterday evening.

Earlier a man was robbed of cash by a knife wielding thug.

Questions for Labour stooge Dr.Alan Billings South Yorks. Police and Crime Commissioner; How did closing Dinnington Police Station ‘improve operational efficiency’? Dr.Billings salary is £85,000 pa. plus two highly paid assistants yet Billings claims we cannot have more police officers because of -you’ve guessed it-‘the cuts’. Piffle.

What Billings has done is left Anston and Dinnington exposed to more crime whilst at the same time working in very comfortable office and putting more pressures on our understaffed and under equipped police officers. He stated in his election leaflet   “I am not a politician”. From 1981-1986 there was a Sheffield City Labour Councillor called Alan Billings, who was the Deputy Leader at the time that David Blunkett notoriously was Leader of Sheffield City Council.  Mr Billings should tell us exactly on what date he stopped being a politician, as the post of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner is a political position.

Remind us again Dr.Billings, Just how effective is South Yorkshire Police on your watch?

ADDENDUM. Dr.Billings and his immediate staff are given approximately £180,000 per annum in pension contributions. This money is taken from the overall police budget, it is not extra money. £180,000 would pay for at least four extra police officers and their equipment. A pension yes but not over inflated feather bedded payments for failure.



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6 Responses to Armed Robbery in Dinnington

  1. Timawells says:

    I have modified the paper petition form we used last time so people can get friends to sign or put in local businesses. I know the online petition has surpassed the 1100 signatures we managed to get last time, 1700 have signed so far. The more pressure we can apply the more chance we have of getting a police station of some kind back in Dinnington.


  2. Timawells says:

    Been an armed robbery at South anston Post office. Armed police looking for them.


  3. Timawells says:

    Last time when we had two murders in Dinnington, six of us went into see Kevin Barron with the 3650 signatures and he couldn’t even be bothered to get back to us. We were also promised a meeting at Rother Valley College with the Chief constable who didn’t follow through with it. The promised local plan of policing never materialised, when does anybody ever see a beat bobby anymore.

    This needs immense pressure to make change, three times the number of signatures as last time and people in positions who can put pressure on the establishment. Nearly 25,000 people live in the Dinnington Anston area. Last time Tesco said we couldn’t collect signatures around their storefront because what we were doing was political. Some local businesses were great helping us collect signatures, others really didn’t want to know.

    We didn’t particularly want the old police station reopened, a shop front that was manned 24 hrs a day would have sufficed or even a portable cabin on a carpark. There are now more police than 1960’s when there was a policeman on every corner. As for lack of money for buildings, look at the massive buildings in Sheffield. SY headquarters and Attercliffe are massive buildings within a very short distance of each other.

    I think I know Alan Billings priorities, hurty social media comments.


  4. Cliff Topp says:

    Not a gun at Domino’s but a knife, according to The Star. Grapevine (I live in Dinnington) says perpetrator lost his bottle when challenged by male staff.


  5. Hilary Estrada-Haigh says:

    Dave Smith, Chairman of Dinnington Town Council will be holding an open session to take the concerns of residents.
    This will be at the Dinnington Council office this coming Friday 12 October. The session will be held 9.30am to 12.30pm.
    Mr Smith points out that Dinnington Town Council meeting will be held on Monday 15th October at 7pm in the Lyric Hall. He urges people to attend to make their feelings known. He also says he intends to demand the senior officer in charge of policing Dinnington, the police commissioner and the three borough councillors attend a special council meeting to tell us what they intend to do about lack of policing in our area.

    This is our area, Aston also, so please go along and voice your concerns.
    There is also a petition that is addressing the concerns of local residents

    Please sign, give your views and donate a little to help bring this forward.

    Let us aim to do what we can to bring our area back to being safe.


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