Bad Penny turns up-Again

Shilo Rotherham is a charity that supports homeless people.

An organisation that provides help and support for vulnerable people has for some inexplicable reasons elected part-time ex Anston Parish councillor  and disgraced RMBC ex-councillor Judy Dalton as Chair of the Trustees. Are the other Trust members deaf and blind or just careless?

Judy Dalton was publicly shamed with her other colleagues as ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ by Louise Casey after the CSE scandal was exposed in Rotherham and she was removed by the government appointed Commissioners from her  role as Chair of the Licensing Committee. She also ‘forgot’ to register her Gangs and Grooming company in the RMBC Register of Members Interests.

Shiloh is a Christian based organisation which might very well advocate turning the other cheek but they deal every day with vulnerable people. There was nothing Christian about Judy Dalton’s role in the CSE scandal nor in her attitude to electors who questioned her when she chaired APC.

Is it right and proper that a person with Judy Dalton’s baggage and history should oversee the work of this charity?  Did the Trustees carry out a Due Diligence test before appointing her?

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9 Responses to Bad Penny turns up-Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    wacthman thank patriot for pointing out spelling mistake obviously a person of very hiigh eduction mach uns keine wir sind kluger als du denkst or in dutch wij zijn slimmer dan je denkt it seems this site and some posters are un happey about mrs dalton and to be honest in what form dos this effect the parish as she now as no connection with apc or links to it dobranoc wszvstkim


  2. Anonymous says:

    i think its very sad that this site as not got anything positive to say this organization is clearly happey with its decision to appoint mrs dolton that is ther choice live with it


    • Watchman says:

      Where is the criticism?. I asked the question about Judy Dalton’s (Not ‘dolton’) appointment.
      It’s simple really if you can read and understand a post.


    • patriot says:

      This post consists of 34 words. There are 12 grammatical errors including spelling errors. I find it incredulous that the writer cannot spell happy, there (which should be their) & has, but can spell organization, decision & positive. I also find it hard to believe that the writer seems unaware that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. What I find equally incredulous is that these same errors are made by about six different contributors on this forum. So, in a nutshell, six people are dunces or one person is taking the pee. My guess is the latter. Now, I wonder just who that person could be? Just to get on subject of Ms Dalton, does anyone know what APC has to say on this appointment and are any procedures in place to question the ethics of this lady taking up a position of this nature?


    • Watchman says:

      APC has no say or control over charitable organisations that are not parish council funded.


  3. Veritas says:

    Did Judy Dalton get her new job because of the revolving door syndrome that exists among councillors and politicians?
    I have no recollection of the Chair of Trustees position being advertised anywhere.


  4. James says:

    Your post has been edited because you went off topic.

    How many more times………………..??


    • James says:

      A very simple question even you can understand:
      What is the subject of the thread?

      It’s certainly nothing to do with your posts is it?


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