Tesco Express Store refused planning permission

Tesco’s proposal to build a Single storey side & rear extension onto The Cutler pub to form a retail unit including ATM and associated works has been refused by RMBC.

‘The proposed layout of the store would fail to secure a safe and secure environment and would fail to minimise the opportunities for anti-social behaviour, which could lead to harm to the amenity of neighbouring residents contrary to Core Strategy Policy CS28 ‘Sustainable Design’ and emerging Sites and Policy Document Policy SP12 ‘Development in Residential Areas’.

The applicant (Tesco Stores Ltd) was unable to make the amendments possible to make the scheme acceptable so it was considered to be contrary to the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework. In a nutshell Tesco were not prepared to modify their plans and with over 50 objectors to the proposal-including Anston Parish Council-the application failed.

How any sane person fails to see that increasing the number of HGV’s and other traffic at one of the worst junctions in Anston-and possibly in the borough-coupled with an increase in noise is lamentable.

RMBC decision and list of objectors here:

http://planning.rotherham.gov.uk/fastweblive/search.asp  Click on ‘Search’ then ‘Full details’

It is very noticeable that neither of our two Labour Borough councillors-Cllr.Jon Ireland and Cllr.Katherine Wilson-added their names to the list of objectors against Tesco’s proposal. Don’t both of them claim to ‘serve the interests of Anston’?

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7 Responses to Tesco Express Store refused planning permission

  1. Anonymous says:

    He can’t add his name as an objector and then vote on it at planning


  2. dick says:

    As Borough Councillor Ireland was at the time a member of the planning board that refused this application, he would not have been able to add his name to the objectors list without effectively showing bias against the application. Obvious really.


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