Recycle and Re-use

I made several trips to the North Anston Recycling Centre yesterday (Monday 26th March) to get rid of  general rubbish-odd pieces of timber and part used cans of paint-I had accumulated in my garage.

What surprised me during my visits was that people were discarding perfectly good small items of furniture such as small bedside cabinets, kitchen tables and chairs. There were also a few pushchairs and TV stands in good condition being dumped.

Why weren’t these items donated to local charity shops where they can be sold to raise much needed funds? A free advertisement in  ‘Gumtree’  would also give someone else the opportunity to  acquire stuff they need at a reduced price.

If you have something you no longer need and it is in good working condition don’t dump it, donate it or offer it at a decent price so others can reuse it.

The recycling centre is an excellent facility and serves  a worthwhile purpose and I understand some items are resold on Saturday mornings to raise money to  help offset some of the costs. Why not?

Don’t dump it. Recycle and re-use it and everyone benefits.

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