Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the wider public.

The situation on The Green is horrendous.

Children cannot play there and especially in the snow they cannot make snowmen or snowballs for fear of getting a handfull of dog mess as they scoop the snow.

I have lived on The Green c40years and during the time of the previous parish council degredation became the norm, as it has with the current Parish Council.

Children used to play without fear of dog mess, they built snowmen, barricades etc., and have snowball fights.  The Green was then a place to behold and admire with rose beds, wild flowers, wild life – birds, bees insects, butterflies etc., – NO MORE – it is denuded, the long used grassy bank is overtaken by brambles.  We no longer see tawny owls- WHY – their resting areas (trees) have been chopped down, bats no longer forage here – nothing holding their food source, all chopped down.  All this deliberate desecration by APC has led to the area being regarded by many of the public as “just a piece of grass”

It is well known that neglect leads to antisocial behaviour whereas in areas that are upgraded and kept well antisocial behaviour improves and often ceases.

I have brought this matter of antisocial dog fouling to the attention of APC on a number of occasions. One time I mentioned there were 16 deposits on that day, mainly from large dogs at which Dr Drew Tarmey, Chairman, just laughed.  I was left to point this out to the councillors who apart from 3 or 4 took no notice.

SO What hope and no wonder Anston is in the state it is.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh

The Green


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  1. bill says:

    Your comment has been edited because it has no bearing on any topic under discussion.

    If you want the information about Mr. Pearson write to the Clerk to the Council.


  2. Kev pearson says:

    Well Mr Thornton thank you for your comment I have not brought the election up you have but it appears I might be getting another chance in the north of Anston which I will gladly take on with full enthusiasm if you believe this Village is being maintained properly then you need to take your head out the sand as far as I can see the only money been spent in Anston is around the parish hall let’s see if the football fields are drained let’s see crowgate is reinstated to full use let’s see if the new Cemetery appears all in the next two years because you haven’t managed it in the three that’s already been served Anston is waiting for some sign of progress I suggest that should be your aim all i can say is Anston falls apart and councillors just throw insults out of frustration


    • Watchman says:

      That is the last word on this subject.
      You had your chance to be elected and you’ve had your say.
      Repetition is boring and pointless. Change the record or back off.


  3. I see that Mr Pearson is speaking on behalf of the people again (NOT) The good people of South Anston decided that his views we not the ones they wanted.
    Since the Parish Council decided that they did not want Mr Pearson working for them, Mr Pearson and his sidekick, Mr Kavanagh, have been trying to make it out that the Parish Council, is not doing its duty to maintain its areas and keep parts of the village up to standard. Utter Rubbish.
    The swings I understand, were inspected ( this is done on a regular basis for the safety of the children) and found to be defective. They were taken down to protect children. I do not understand the comment ” I`ve not been replaced barriers”, totally stumped on this one. No matter how many times you “bleat” on about this and that, people can see with their own eyes.
    I do believe the Green has a big problem with dog mess, but I believe that one councillor has taken steps to resolve the issue. ( see that, a councillor working for the village, but you make no mention of it)
    As for the new staff leaving, It may well have been a case, that the person was fully briefed about yourself and Mr Kavanagh. Just last night, Mr Kavanagh was “bleating” like a lamb, and I quote “someone is briefing the new clerk against me”. Bit of paranoia creeping in I think.
    Its very nice that Mr Pearson is now using his own name on this blog. Notice the same punctuation as ” Miss f Sales”, “George” and others. Over the years on this web site Mr Person has used false names whilst “slagging off” councillors, How cowardly is that. Readers I assure you that lots of his posts have been deleted because they were unfit to print.
    For people to listen and believe your comments, you have to have credibility, Yours went, with your 64 votes.
    Stuart Thornton


  4. Kev pearson says:

    I understand the new senior administrator has already left her post before she’s even started do you think we deserve an explanation why


  5. Kev pearson says:

    It is clear that the village is now falling apart I understand people’s concerns about dog fouling in all areas of Anston also the recreation ground has not got any swings at all due to damage or wear and tear and these items I’ve not been replaced barriers and now placed along a fence near the parish hall and I’ve been for some time it is the parish council Duty to maintain and enhance yet the council is fully aware of the problems due to lack of maintenance and poor management skills the village of Anston now falls into decline the village green is a protected area which is being ignored by the parish council we must remember the actions of this Council when it comes to voting my question is how long will take to recover after this Council has gone


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