Dog fouling in Anston

Dog fouling in Anston-and elsewhere-is becoming a serious cause for concern.

It was reported on Wednesday there have been 14 deposits from large dogs on The Green, and other recent instances of dog poo on the Recreation Ground, in Anston Stones woods, Ryton Rd. and Lakeland Drive to name a few places where irresponsible dog owners refuse to take their responsibilities as dog owners seriously.

The recreation ground, the village green and other open spaces are places for sport and recreation – with the dreadful fouling that is taking place and irresponsible owners not picking up it is a danger to health. We all know dog poo can lead to serious health issues including blindness.

Everyone-including children-should be kept safe and be free from dog faeces.

Not every dog owner ignores their dog(s) pile of poo but owners who do are spoiling open spaces and amenities for the rest of us.

One of the questions that has been asked is whether or not Anston Parish Council is legally required to place notices in its parks and green spaces to ensure RMBC officers can effectively carry out their enforcement role? It has been clarified by the Head of Service, Regulation & Enforcement at RMBC that there is no need for signs – the Council (RMBC) had a Dog Control Order (which has become a Public Space Protection Order to cover dog fouling across the Borough) so regardless of the landowner, if the land is open to the public RMBC can issue fines for dog fouling.

Dog owners note: You are responsible for Your dog. Pick it up.



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