Fracking awareness session at Tropical Butterfly House.

The Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston will welcome members of Woodsetts Against Fracking on Thursday, March 1, from noon to 4pm.

A spokesman for the campaign group said: “Our local councillor Katherine Wilson will be in attendance to support this venture, where people can learn more about what fracking entails.

“They can raise any concerns they might have and if they would like help to submit an objection letter to RMBC, help will be on hand from our volunteers.”

The Tropical Butterfly House backed the campaign with a £500 donation last month.

Read more at:,tropical-butterfly-house-to-host-fracking-awareness-session_25716.htm

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1 Response to Fracking awareness session at Tropical Butterfly House.

  1. I understand that not very long ago “our local Councillor Katherine wilson” was being asked why Woodsetts council had seen nothing of her.
    It also seems that our “never seen” MP has suddenly decided to “support” the anti fracking group, after being challenged by two people, as reported on this very site.


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