Keep your eyes peeled for a white Transit van, Reg. No. ETO2 DWU. It has Blue film tint on the rear windows and three Iranian/Kurdish men on board.

Seen in South Anston to day attempting to break into a van and later spotted in Worksop.


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6 Responses to Beware.

  1. gordon says:

    I would like to thank you for making people aware of the van issue, but why did you allow such comments from stewart thornton. He is only guessing who david may be. It is unfair to allow him to make such comments, without substance, with an impending election.


  2. S Thornton says:

    David ( or should we say Mr pearson ?.) is speading false information yet again. If people are going to post “comments”, they need to speak the truth.
    “Anston Parish Council are frightened of public opinion”, what a load of rubbish. The discussion of the facebook page was around who would actually be the person who would input information on to the site. Questions were raised that there were concerns with individuals of Political Parties, putting articles on the site that reflected their Political views ( the person who has offered to “run” the site is a member of the Labour Party).
    The council did agree to trial the facebook page for a short time, and that at present, only official council notices would be displayed. That solved the political issue, and was a decision that was decided democraticaly.
    So yet again David ( or are we talking about Mr Pearson?.) is making false claims. I know quite a few people in Anston, and I know that on the night the Facebook page was discussed there was no “David” in the Public area ( Mr Pearson was there though)
    Its my understanding that Mr Pearson is standing for Election to the Parish Council, would you vote for some one who and hides behind false names on this site, and implies false informtion in order to “slag off” decent hardworking Councillors,
    Decite, is not the attribute required to serve the good people of South Anston.
    It is also my understanding that there is a lady called Rosie standing. I have heard that she is an upstanding candidate, willing to work hard for the people of South Anston, and more to the point she is female.
    The council at present consists of 12 men, (mainly middle to old aged)),and two females. the council certainly needs more female influence to balance it out.
    South Anston the choice is yours,
    Mr Pearson ( if he is standing) who has been proved to hide on here under false names or Rosie, who is open and honest.
    Not a hard choice really.

    Stuart Thornton


    • Watchman says:

      That is the end of the discussion whether or not APC should have a Facebook page and who says what.

      The post is to make people aware of two males seen in a white van in South Anston attempting to steal from a vehicle.
      I can always rely on ‘David’ to miss the point of a post completely and go off on a tangent. I also notice he does not condemn the actions of the two miscreants seen in the van nor does he offer any suggestions to help residents become more aware and vigilant.
      It is plainly obvious what his contributions-if any- will be to a parish council social media site.


  3. David says:

    This is why Anston Parish Council need a Facebook page to inform members of the public of such events but the public must be allowed to comment on such matters so that people can be aware of such activities within the village the only problem is Anston Parish Council are frightened of public opinion and will not allow comments to be posted on their Facebook page


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