For the record……

I am publishing this in fairness to Mrs.H.Estrada-Haigh who like everyone else has the right of reply particularly as certain assertions and claims were written as ‘facts’.

Reply to Graham.

The lady on the Green attempted for 4 years to deal with APC after Iain St.John and other APC councillors came up to the green and abused her in April 2000.  (Witness statements on file)

Why had they come up and surreptitiously? – To consider the request of Mr & Mrs Fielding of No.11 to have The Green dug up for parking of their cars!! APC were informed of the obvious – by I believe RMBC – that village greens are protected in law.  NB: Interference of a village green is unlawful.

However Fieldings then parked their dustbins and cars upon the VG seriously compromising the access and egress of the lady.  When the lady asked APC to take action and remove these offending items she had threats levelled against her i.e. that they would close the vehicular access to her cottage.  APC became determined to close the vehicular access to her cottage, just hers, no-one elses.  In the end she had no option but to take action to protect her property.

.Have you read the summation of Judge Langham who said “What else could she do, what else could this lady do?”

APC had been professionally advised to cease their actions but obviously did not. Robin Stonebridge circulated an email to all councillors saying – Hi all, it looks like our case amounts to get stuffed. (The original with all papers lodged securely. That APC went to various courts with 6 appearances demonstrates their determination!!

The final action APC brought was against Judge Shaun Spencer (remember all on public money) who after walking around Anston Village  had said in court “If that car was parked outside my house like that it would get right up my nose.”

APC’s barrister had the professional embarrassment of APC seeking a second opinion.  Where did they go – to none other than to the chambers of Sir Anthony Scrivener QC – the cost of this would have been very high but was never disclosed.   That APC, in their determination, used public funds is deplorable.

Have you read the witness statements?  They are unbelievable especially those from Robin Stonebridge and Michael Gazur.  Some of the things contained therein were staggering and commented upon by Judge Spencer on his visit to the site.   They were disallowed.

The damage done by Fieldings, to the surface of the green (letter to APC re deliberate and many wheelies) an area I had maintained at my own expense and kept in pristine condition.  Taking down the bank which had been planted by RMBC – pubic money!  This damage is still not rectified.

From this brief summary you will see from the transcript – The court judged on the matter before it – that of the lady’s vehicular right of way to her cottage. The transcript of the court sets out the lady’s entitlement in law of her vehicular access to her cottage and rights of useage.

You may ask yourself why APC took action against someone who had cared for and maintained the area and allowed such flagrant breach of law and damage to the Village Green to go unchecked. I leave that to others to wonder!

Permissive right of access – no such thing –

I hope this brief summary helps you have a clearer understanding of the matter.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh  (The Lady)


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  1. greg says:

    You could ask the open spaces committee to discuss restoring the damaged area.


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