Couldn’t care less parish councillors.

Another black mark against the majority of APC councillors.

Wednesday’s Finance and Charity meeting (27th September) had to be cancelled because not enough councillors could be bothered to get of their bums and turn up. Councillor’s Tawn,Thornton,Manship and John Ireland made the effort to attend and three councillors sent apologies for absence. Where were the other councillors? Would the missing councillors be the same people who defeated a motion to reduce the quorum to three on the spurious grounds that ‘power will be concentrated in too few people’? If they knew anything at all about parish business they would know the Finance and Charity meetings are convened to discuss and agree payments for items listed on the agenda, not to discuss or agree spending money from capital or reserves accounts.

To those councillors who did not attend or send in their apologies-Shame On You.



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6 Responses to Couldn’t care less parish councillors.

  1. S Thornton says:

    I understand that Cllr Jepson sent his apologies, he was at his Councillor Surgery in Woodsetts.
    “David/Dave” wants to be a councillor, so why is he misleading the very Public he intends to represent, by hiding under a false name.? Tut Tut.

    S Thornton


    • Watchman says:

      Thanks for the correction. My apologies to Cllr Jepson.

      This blog will not be moderated from 12pm Thursday 5th October until Monday evening 9th October.


  2. dave says:

    Just out of interest, which three councillors sent apologies? I think people would like to know. Thanks.


  3. David Caukwell says:

    15 Anston Parish councillors. Four of them attend the F&C meeting and three councillors send apologies. 8 missing councillors.This is not good enough.
    The councillors who fail to attend regularly are making a mockery of local democracy, they are not representing the residents of Anston and also failing to help the parish council function effectively.

    Looking at the minutes of previous meetings-parish and finance meetings-it is plainly obvious to see the names of councillors who are diligent and attend meetings regularly and councillors who are a waste of space attending only sporadically.
    I agree with Watchman; Shame on you..


  4. David says:

    O no not again this is becoming more frequent one must really question the position and ethics of cllrs who are serving or not at the moment how can you justify serving the public when you take little interest in it’s affairs if this is a sign of things to come then the future looks very uncertain under this administration these meetings should go back to before the council meeting as before were this didn’t happen the changes are not working and the public expect better


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