Brethren submit 3rd application to build on greenbelt.

A RELIGIOUS group hoping to build a church on green belt land have submitted plans for a third time.

Previous applications for a Plymouth Brethren Christian place of worship at Common Lane in North Anston were rejected in 2013 and 2015.

Rotherham Borough Council said the loss of the green belt could not be justified and planning board members raised road safety concerns. Now applicants Elsworth Acres have returned with another proposal – this time including a multi-million centre for Anston Rangers Junior Football Club.

A spokesman said: “The development proposed is submitted following a diligent search for a suitable site to serve the local community over many years. “This statement also supports the football club requirements, as they have outgrown their existing facilities with numbers of young people provided for continuing to increase. “The proposed development is a sensitive response to the site, constraints, locality and landscape. “Designs have been adjusted following detailed consultations with the public and local authority to deliver a sustainable, beneficial and safe development.”

Plans for the 18-acre site include a church and 211 parking spaces. Elsworth said the church had outgrown its previous premises in Sheffield and was now using another hall in Doncaster temporarily.

The football facilities, including six pitches, a clubhouse and a further 120 parking spaces, would be sited to the north of the site, next to Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

One businesswoman, based at the nearby North Anston business centre, said: “My objection is purely on traffic and road safety. “An application with parking for over 300 vehicles, which will use the premises predominantly at weekends has got to adversely affect the road infrastructure and cause danger to residents and other road users.”

Previous versions of the plan included a Brethren school but the campus on Hellaby industrial estate has now been expanded instead.

Rangers said they approached Elsworth about the plan after seeing membership rise to 200 since the club’s formation in 2011.

Anston Parish Councillors objected to the application and at a site meeting in 2015 RMBC Councillors also objected to the plans to build on the greenbelt. Objections to the plans are nothing to do with the religious beliefs of the Brethren. The proposal to build on land fronted by a narrow road close to a crossroads is wrong for the reasons stated.

There is land available within 1/2 mile of Common Rd. which would be suitable for the Brethren’s plans. Perhaps the Brethren overlooked it?

Objections to the plans can be lodged online. Ref.No.RB2017/1192.  email


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32 Responses to Brethren submit 3rd application to build on greenbelt.

  1. Patriot says:

    I challenge anyone to google the Plymouth Brethren and read all of the information on there and then say that this is not a cult. This religion meets all of the criteria that the top two universities in this country describes as a cult. To the people who call me a bigot I suggest they look at themselves and ask if they are not also a bigot for encouraging this “religion” to invade our neighbourhood. What next, The Moonies in Dinnington? When you or your family are affected by the Brethrens actions in the future don’t say you were not warned.This will be my last post on this thread as I believe I have made my point.


  2. greg says:

    I find some of the comments quite disturbing. Instead of concentrating on the tangible pros and come of the planning application, they concentrate on outsiders coming into Anston and accusations of ‘evil’ cults taking over the minds of our children. These are not considerations for planning applications. When the planning board meet to discuss the application a legal framework has to be followed and it has to be judged on the merits of this application. Previous applications will not be taken into consideration. If the application is refused proper reasons have to be given to justify the decision otherwise, upon appeal, the secretary of state could overturn the decision. This has happened on occasion before, such as development on Penny Piece Place. Please base all the discussions on proper reasons not scaremongering about evil cults, not exactly David Koresh are they. Also, The Brethren are not outsiders, as many of the members are functioning members of our community. Litter picking in Anston and marshalling the firework display for Anston Parish Council are but a few of the local volunteering actions done by members of the Plymouth Brethren. So let’s have some credible comments for and against the development and have a proper discussion. Is it good for the children of Anston, yes. Is it on greenbelt land, yes. Will there be increased traffic, yes. Will there be road improvements, yes. Will it regenerate an unsightly area of Anston, yes. Will it preserve 12 acres of greenbelt by keeping it grassland, but marked out as football pitches, yes. Come on let’s have some good justification., for and against and have some healthy friendly debate. A.P.C.W. I this helps to keep the thread on the subject in question.


    • greg says:

      Sorry, I did not proof read before postind. Only a couple of grammatical errors. It should read ‘pros and cons of the planning application’ and ‘I hope this helps to keep the thread on the subject in question’. I think my spell checker needs a holiday.


    • Watchman says:

      Thank you for your comments and welcome to Anston Parish Council Watch.


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