Expensive Whitewash

The summaries of six investigations into the devastating failures of RMBC before,during and after the CSE scandal can be found here: http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/iir. Click the ‘Find out more’ button on each report.

£440,000 of our money has been wasted on these so called investigations which protects former employees of RMBC and brings further anguish and misery to the victims.

None of the ex councillors/employees mentioned below will suffer any consequences nor lose any part of their generous (local) taxpayer funded pensions.

Paul Lakin  Former Leader said in August 2014 ‘ he knew nothing of the sexual assault abuse that occurred over a period of more than 16 years, and said nobody at the council needed to resign’

Shaun Wright  Who was in charge of children’s services in Rotherham for five years during the period covered by the report, is now under investigation for perjury after giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Iain St John was Mayor of Rotherham during the period in question and should have givent more time to challenging officials and the Police instead of riding around in a car playing Mayor. He always refused to confirm he was at the Council Seminar on Sexual Exploitation on 5th April 2005 but the evidence can be found here:  https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/the-now-notorious-seminar-of-5th-april-2005/

Roger Stone Former Leader chaired the meeting mentioned above. He resigned after the publication of the Jay report and he was also accused of being a ‘bully’ and ‘sexism’.

Judy Dalton was licensing supremo in Rotherham. Taxi drivers were lambasted by the Jay report for providing the means in many cases to ferry victims around Rotherham and further afield. She was also adviser to Children’s Services. The Casey report said the new draft taxi licensing policy that Coun. Dalton referred to when she resigned was to be welcomed but it still ‘falls short’ in a number of respects. Its implementation timetable is too long and not enough prominence is given to the need to protect the public. It said guidance suggested the council would only refuse licences if a driver had more than one conviction for indecency and inspectors found this ‘unacceptable.

Jo Burton was a member of a scrutiny committee who were tasked with oversight of child protection. She was vice chair of the committee for a couple of years and also served on the licensing board during the worst of the abuses. She was a senior adviser to Shaun Wright the disgraced Police Commissioner when he ran Children’s Services. She claimed she was ‘unaware’ of CSE then later said she ‘did not know the scale of the problem’.

Dominic Beck Resigned as a cabinet member, he also served on the licensing board. Beck was reappointed and has eight other roles within RMBC. http://moderngov.rotherham.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=1425

Joyce Thacker  Paid £130,00 pa as ‘Strategic Director of Children’s Services’ and was given £40,000 to bugger off after the Jay report.

Jacqui Collins Former Monitoring Officer and Labour stooge. Claimed no evidence of CSE ever crossed her desk nor came to her attention. Resigned to spend more time with her pension pot.

Gordon Watson Deputy Leader of RMBC claimed the report by Louise Casey was ‘not factual’ then admitted  he hadn’t read it (!)

Former council leaders Roger Stone and Paul Lakin both refused to give evidence to  Louise Casey.

South Yorks.Police could not and cannot solve the theft of 21 laptops containing vital and personal information  from Norfolk House in 2011 but manage to find evidence of ‘historic’ sex crimes.

Was £440,000 spent on a Cock up or a Conspiracy?

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2 Responses to Expensive Whitewash

  1. Anna Clayton-Bowles. says:

    To date only 20 people have been convicted of CSE in Rotherham.
    Chris Read states ‘Rotherham has come a long way since the Jay report’. Very true. A long way down the wrong road.
    Cover up’s, Lies and Denial. What’s new?

    It’s strange that the keyboard warriors who usually post daft comments on here about APC have been silent about the issue of CSE which has seen Rotherham labelled the CSE capital of the North.
    RMBC has more councillors per head than Sheffield. RMBC pays borough councillors more money than Sheffield yet the people who claim the right to post on this blog have been struck dumb (or dumber than usual)
    Their lack of responses gives tacit support to the corrupt Labour clique who control Rotherham.


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