Fracking Hell!

The barbarians have appeared on the horizon in the lovely village of Woodsetts in the shape of INEOS, the company who want to frack the hell out of South Yorkshire.


Gas drillers INEOS have followed up their appalling proposal for a test well in Harthill’s countryside with a second site for test drilling, just down the road from us in Woodsetts. This will only be the beginning as they look to embark on a 5 year rape of our countryside in both locations with a drilling rig the size of Big Ben.

Our local politicians have come running to our aid yet again with local Councillors doing what they always seem to so (f**k all frankly) and our MP Kevin Bas… I mean Barron still picking the splinters out of his arse from sitting on the fence.

The Harthill well has progressed to a full planning proposal whereas the Woodsetts site is still in the very preliminary stages.

The wells are not fracking as such, at least not yet. They are applying for a 5 year visit to drill a vertical shaft about 3000 metres into the earth to recover a core sample of the local geology. They will then use the well for a series of tests to further determine the viability of wholesale gas extraction via the controversial fracking technique.

What can locals expect from the 5 year stay?

  1. Lots of extra heavy traffic on the roads, up to 60 lorries per day at busy times.
  2. Noise from the 24 hour operation and diesel fumes from lorries and massive on site generators.
  3. The charming site of a 60m tall drilling rig, along with cranes.
  4. Possible long term ecological damage from an untested and experimental technique.

It’s quite hard to see an upside at the moment, we will be doing a series of articles on how to object to the planning application when it appears. In the meantime please tell your friends and urge your elected representatives to get behind local people for once and oppose this madness.

Both villages have active campaigns (links below) and I would encourage you all to give them every support you can.

Drill or Drop anti-fracking site

Woodsetts Anti Fracking Group

Harthill Against Fracking

The Bas… Sorry I mean INEOS

INEOS leaflet

INEOS on how they will run the site in Woodsetts

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4 Responses to Fracking Hell!

  1. Patriot says:

    Although fundamentally I am opposed to fracking, I believe that as good as this article is, I find it totally one sided as no mention is made as to possible financial gains to both homeowners and businesses in the affected areas. The article is all about the downside and doom and gloom. Would it not have been proper to include possible financial benefits to the community including for instance reduced Council tax for households and increased spending power to local Councils? Also what (if any) proposals have the drilling company made to reduce the disruption to a minimum, such as improved road access to the area and possible landscaping any unsightly areas? As I said I am against fracking but believe that both sides of the story should be told.


    • Watchman says:

      INEOS is offering £100,000 to the parishes where they are granted permission to drill.
      Access roads and traffic management are discussed here: INEOS on how they will run the site in Woodsetts.

      The post is not intended to be ‘doom and gloom’. It is another perspective on fracking.
      A more positive article on fracking is here:
      You also commented on that thread.


    • Patriot says:

      I did comment on this as you correctly stated but that was on a different website. I was referring to this website and this article. Please don’t get me wrong, I agree with the article, I just think that the other side should also be heard so that all aspects can be considered.


  2. David Caukwell says:

    From the Impact Report:
    This report reflects the requirements of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 20171 (“EIA Regulations”) and in accordance with Regulation 6 (2) of the EIA Regulations.
    The operator then needs the landowner’s and planning permission, which may require an environmental impact assessment. They also need environmental permits from the relevant environment regulator, the Environment Agency.
    The requirements of the EIA Regulations and RMBC’s oversight of the drilling operations and the levels of local opposition to INEOS’s plans would suggest that ANY deviations from the proposals and regulations by INEOS will lead to the suspension of operations and/or closure of the sites.

    I suggest your readers study this:


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