On Wednesday evening-9th August-a Charity and Finance meeting was scheduled for 7pm.

Cllrs.Graham,Jepson, Smith and Tarmey sent their apologies and I undestand Cllr.Sadler telephoned Cllr.Thornton earlier in the evening to offer her apologies for non attendance. It is also accepted that Cllr.Vernon works longer hours and cannot always attend.  Cllrs. Mathews,Tawn and Thornton turned up for the meeting. The quorum for council and charity meetings is 5 therefore  the agenda could not be discussed and parish business is deferred to another meeting. Again.

It is good manners and standard practice to inform the Clerk and/or the RFO you cannot attend a meeting. Where were the other councillors? Why didn’t they send their apologies?

This type of behaviour and ill manners is not good enough. Anston Parish Councillors are supposed to represent the residents of the parish and to make every effort to attend meetings. If you are an APC councillor and cannot be bothered to attend or send in your apologies then do us all a favour and vacate your seat.

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6 Responses to Absenteeism

  1. David says:

    I have not tried to undermine apc or cllrs all I did was to express my view s if this is hard to understand well


  2. S Thornton says:

    The minimum number of councillors that are required to attend the finance committee, in order to be quorate is 5. Over the last 12 months or so, only about 6 or 7 councillors, out of 15, have bothered to turn up. Those that do turn up, are the same ones who turn up week after week, they are the ones who take the time to work for the residents of Anston, whilst the others just can not be bothered.
    The finance meetings are there to authorise, approve and scrutinise the spending of the council, on behalf of the tax payer. I assure you, I certainly scrutinise the accounts and ask the awkward questions when I am not sure of what has been spent. In the past, meetings have had to be cancelled due to the meetings not having the required numbers. When this happens, bill`s to contractors, wages for staff and other services cannot be paid.
    It was asked of council to amend the rules to reduce the quorate number down to three, so at least a meeting could go ahead, and bills/wages could be paid. The council rejected this, with some of those who do not attend meetings, stating the false presumption that “power” would be concentrated in a few people. Last weeks meeting had to be cancelled due to those very people not turning up. Most of the bill`s are for “minor” work already completed, wages that are paid on a regular basis, and are within the clerks financial delegated powers. For the “bigger” items, whilst the finance committee approve the payment, the actual decision to commit money for the bigger items, are placed before full council and approved BEFORE they are placed in front of the finance committee.
    So to infer that power would be in the hands of a few is totally misleading.
    It is normal for other councils to have finance meetings with a quorate of 3 persons.
    I can assure all those residents of Anston, that compared with other councils, we have comprehensive checks and balances in place. The Council is audited by outside bodies, and has a clean bill of health. Whilst some monies may not have been spent wisely, it all there and accounted for openly.
    As a Councillor, If anyone has a genuine question of finance ( or any other matter) then please feel free to contact me, and I will supply the information wherever possible. I don`t hide things nor do cover ups.
    I see that “david” ( not his real name) is trying yet again to “slag off” the Parish Council, from a position of ignorance, something he does quite often. Trying to undermine the Parish Council from a position of ignorance, not only insults the residents of Anston, it makes you a laughing stock.
    bye the way, I think it was mentioned about maybe trying again, to ask council to reduce the quorate number to three. The only two members of the Public who were present, were Mr Kavanah and Mr Pearson, so guess which one is “david”.

    Stuart Thornton


  3. David says:

    Yes I understand that the meeting could not go a head due to cllrs not attending very poor effect from our so called pillars of the community having sead that it’s probable that cllrs are feeling a bit fed up with the amount of meetings the last council if I remember right run the charity before the council meeting thus two meetings on the same evening and this worked out ok but this new lot seems to struggle with everything it must be frustrating and hard work trying to make progress only the public of anston are losing out remember that the council needs the public but we don’t need the council get your act together or stand down


  4. David Caukwell. says:

    I agree.This is not good enough.
    Parish councillors have a moral and ethical duty to ensure parish business is carried out properly. How can we have any faith that financial reports are scrutinised and our money and assets are controlled and cared for in a proper manner when councillors do not attend meetings?
    To those who stayed away, shame on you.


    • David says:

      Can I make a prediction that some cllrs may be thinking of reducing the amount of cllrs needed for a meeting if so it’s not very democratic but more so it’s a burden when making financial decisions and is placing to much responsibility on so few to control the public purse strings


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