Anti Fracking Meetings.

A copy of a post received by APCW.

To all of my friends in South Anston, North Anston, Dinnington and Gildingwells. You may or may not be aware that Woodsetts Village is a proposed site for fracking. They (sic) are looking at the farmland on the right as you enter the village from Dinnington. The impact on our community is going to be immeasurable. The increase in traffic alone could potentially cause chaos if they decide to come via the Baulk We have now heard that a farmer in South Anston has done a deal with INEOS. This affects us all and I hope that you will take notice and help get together and do everything we can to stop this happening.

There are three meetings on Monday 14th August 10.30, 2.30 and 7pm to be held in the Village Hall in Woodsetts to explain the impact of Fracking. Please come and hear for yourself so you can make an informed decision.Please come and help.



Is any representative from INEOS going to be present so hard questions can be asked? Will councillors from Woodsetts PC be present? What are the views of Woodsetts Parish Council?

It is my own view you cannot oppose something because you think it will have adverse effects or because reports from a country with completely geological strata and safety standards show fracking causes environmental damage. All the evidence about fracking to date is anecdotal mainly from North America. British environmental controls are much stricter than in the US.

I have an open mind on this subject and believe we should have an honest and open debate about fracking without the falsehoods and hysteria and without opponents claiming the moral high ground.

All reasoned comments about fracking will be published. Comments which are off topic will be binned.



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