Annual Parish Meeting.

At the Annual Parish Meeting on 31st May the councillors who attended-Cllrs. Tarmey, Thornton, Bentley, Graham, Sadler and Tawn came prepared to listen to and discuss any concerns of the residents of Anston- that is the reason for  the APM.

It is wholly unsatisfactory that the nine other councillors did not attend. Perhaps one or two of them were working or had family commitments but there were not nine apologies for absence recorded. The parishioners of Anston should question their commitment to parish affairs.

Once the meeting commenced complaints about the efficiency and effectiveness of APC were raised ,however a lot of what was said has been said before in council meetings and nobody from the (sparse) audience was prepared to offer any positive ideas or suggestions that  would help to promote community cohesiveness.

Mr.Steve Baker (former APC councillor) raised the question of the Community Woodland and asked why were trees planted near an existing woodland when there are more suitable areas that would benefit from tree planting?

Good question IMV ,perhaps Cllr.Jonathan Ireland, Chairman of the Community Woodland Charity can tell us why he and his fellow members planted more trees near the existing woods on Rackford Meadows?

Nothing of any substance was discussed or resolved at the Annual Parish Meeting, it was a waste of everyone’s time and effort because a vocal minority think they have the Monopoly on Truth and Wisdom.

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  1. Myles says:

    Also i disagree that nothing was resolved as we can now move forward as a council to help communications with members of the public as sites like this are not aware of the full workings of the council clearly as it dosent even know which councilors were even there


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