Can our Labour MP’s Be Trusted?

In light of the current snap General Election and the on going Police investigation into the three Labour MPs for electoral expenses fraud after they allegedly failed to declare tens of thousands of pounds spent on recruiting staff to get them re-elected back in 2015 South Yorkshire Police say that an application for an extension had been granted by the courts, I think now would be a good opportunity to enlighten readers with some forgotten information.

With the MP’s winning two High Court cases and showing that they will take anyone to court who dares to question their claimed lack of knowledge there was and is a massive problem of organized sexual abuse going on in their constituencies with a reluctance to focus attention on the perpetrators of these crimes for reasons of “community cohesion” or electoral expediency. It appears to be a common theme.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion caused outrage after putting in an expenses claim for a £17 Remembrance Day poppy wreath claiming it was a ‘necessary expense’. Ms Champion then laid the wreath at a service in her Rotherham constituency although the money has since been paid back. Ms Champion was told she was not allowed to claim for Remembrance wreaths by IPSA, the parliamentary expenses watchdog.Would this have been paid back if the IPSA hadn’t picked up on it?

Doesn’t she receive enough money to have paid for this out of her own pocket in the first place?

Are the Labour MPs really complicit in a Cover-up?

Former Rotherham MP Denis Macshane who was first elected in 1994 but resigned in 2012 prior to a six month jail sentence for expenses fraud, admitted his political leanings stopped him from addressing the problem when he was the Rotherham MP.

Macshane in an interview with the BBC said he was aware of illegal incest and “the oppression of women within bits of the Muslim community in Britain” but turned a blind eye.

He admitted: “Perhaps yes, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that it was too hard”. The Times reported him also having said: “I, like so many MPs, preferred to keep silent on some of the dirty secrets about bad practices in the Kashmiri Muslim community”, a community that supplies “vast reservoirs” of votes at election time he added “There is in our country, just a dreadful culture and I wouldn’t pick particular on one ethnic community but it is a real problem, it’s a longer story about the nature of that community, their sexual relations, and the way they treat women”.

Another local unnamed MP has also confided the abuse remained unspoken of for so long because “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that”. A culture of intimidation locally may have also played a part.

Reports about child sexual abuse began to surface relatively regularly in the national press back in 2011. A year later Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey received a letter from a constituent expressing concern but he dismissed it. The Times reported that the local man, wrote to his MP in 2012 to inform him locals were “deeply disturbed by what was happening in Rotherham”.

The constituent asked whether his MP John Healey for the area since 1997 (which is alleged to be around the year the abuses of the 1,400 girls in Rotherham began), would “call for an investigation of all parties at fault”, meaning local child protection agencies and police as well as the perpetrators. John Healey replied” “I am not sure an inquiry would help the girls and their families, especially if it focuses solely on Rotherham and on Asian men grooming white girls”.

The Labour MP for Rother Valley, Sir Kevin Barron who has represented the area since 1983, said that in the past 16 years he had only ever been approached by one family in regard to child abuse issues.

Mr Barron said during the time he helped to raise the matter with the police and ensured the victim and her father gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee in January 2013.

The MP told a local newspaper “It now appears that the case was not a relatively rare one as I had thought and that the abuse by her attackers and subsequent failure of response by the very agencies whose role it was to protect her was a widespread situation and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of child sexual exploitation. Why didn’t Mr Barron follow this up and investigate this himself ? He would have then known it wasn’t an isolated case.

Mr Barron has also said “local MPs have regular meetings with council leaders every three months and he could not remember the issue of child sexual exploitation ever being brought up for discussion”.

Are we to believe that after reports and minutes of meetings which have since been seen about CSE in Rotherham, that no councillor or Leader ever spoke to a Rotherham MP about this important issue?

Don’t the three MP’s speak to each other?

The Times report from 2011 which at first didn’t name Rotherham but referred to a place in “Northern England” where local sources “where so scared of reprisals that their town must not be named” went some way to explain why the abuser’s own community didn’t reveal their activities, which were often conducted in broad daylight.

The article refers to comments by community sources, who spoke of the “widespread view that betraying members of one’s own community to the police would be an even greater sin than child sexual exploitation.” White girls are targeted by such men because “if they did it to a Muslim girl, they’d be shot”.

As the parliamentary inquiry into the conduct of local agencies and authorities continues questions have been raised about the competency of the very bodies that were supposed to protect those abused.

During the questioning of the then resigning Rotherham chief executive Martin Kimber it emerged that an important and detailed piece of evidence, a 2008 report on child abuse had “disappeared” from the council’s archives.

We need a vote for change or are we too complacent to not care about crimes against children and the spin our three MP’s want us to hear?


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12 Responses to Can our Labour MP’s Be Trusted?

  1. Insider says:

    It didn’t take long did it?
    ‘David’ is one of the posters Watchman referred to when he said some posters are incapable of sticking to the subject. What a plonker.

    I am of the opinion that Messrs.Barron and Champion know a lot more about CSE in Rotherham than they will ever admit. It is difficult to believe that either of them never heard anything at all about young people being abused by Asian gangs.
    Barron has done nothing for Anston ever since he was first elected and Champion’s record is equally dismal.
    No doubt both of them will be re-elected by the sheeple but the Labour party is a busted flush and will-rightly IMO-be stuck in opposition for many years to come.


    • Mick Colman says:

      The other day I have to admit to daydreaming while I was driving through Dinnington to visit my luxury country estate in Donny and I was thinking “where am I”, Syria, Iraq, Beirut? Then I realised that I was driving past my local Labour MP’s Dinnington office. Strange because I never heard the bombs dropping on our roads, but then again I am a bit Mutt & Jeff. I must congratulate our MP for keeping these attacks secret from the outside world and that his office remains intact. Perhaps he slept through it all.


  2. David says:

    About fly tipping actually but can tell you now let one cllr leave apc and anston will go to the polls can’t wait


  3. David says:

    I hope they can be trusted as I have an appointment with sir kevin on Friday m


  4. Mick Colman says:

    The answer to the question asked is a resounding no. The days of me trusting any MP, local or otherwise is long gone. Especially when a general election has been announced when they will quite simply tell you blatant lies, any old tosh to get your vote then completely forget all about it, until the next election. This blog is mainly about historical events but surely the general election is all about brexit. My local MP voted remain in the referendum, I voted leave. Why should I vote for him?


    • Watchman says:

      I don’t think this GE is just about Brexit although it does play a significant part in Theresa May’s strategy. There is a clear and simple choice for electors: Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn for secure Britain’s future.


    • Mick Colman says:

      If brexit is taken out of the equation then the answer to the blog question is without a shadow of doubt “no” for the reasons in my previous reply. I wouldn’t trust our Labour MP’s with my Grandchildrens dinner money. As for brexit itself then perhaps a new blog on this should be forth coming as this subject is very current.


    • Watchman says:

      I am tempted to publish an article about Brexit but like elections the issue is divisive and the biggest problem I have with some posters on here is they are congenitally incapable of sticking to the subject without resorting to abuse of either APC and/or individual councillors.
      If anyone wants to send me a reasoned and coherent article for publication about Brexit I’ll certainly consider it.


  5. David says:

    Your post has been edited because you fail to understand this thread is about our three local MP’s


  6. David Cauldwell says:

    The Rother Vally constiuency has been a Labour seat since it was created in 1918.
    I agree with vocalyokel when he mentioned people voting the same way their parents and grandparents voted. It does not say much for democracy when electors blindly vote for the same party candidate time after time.
    They need to stop and think: What has Sir Barron actually done for Anston since 1983 apart from suck up to his core votes from the Woodland Estate? He never uttered a word in support of the opposition to the proposed Traveller’s site on Dog Kennel Hill. Where is his letter of support to Anston Parish Council who voted No to fracking on Parish land?
    No mention of him doing anything to get our local roads repaired and resurfaced either.

    Barron voted to Remain in the EU, Rotherham voted overwhelmingly to Leave.
    Why should he be re-elected on his record-especially after scamming £500,000 from taxpayers when he flipped his home?


  7. vocalyokel says:

    Doe’s it matter if they can be trusted or not when people in the area vote the same way their parents and grandparents voted ? Voter apathy, absolute Labour power, and Labours fear of losing the Asian vote is what caused CSE. Yet people still vote for them. What does that say about the area ?


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