Council Tax to Increase by 4.99%

Finance bosses will raise council tax by nearly five per cent – and borrow £10 million from reserves – to balance next year’s budget.

Rotherham Borough Council is set to increase the levy by 4.99 per cent – just below the five per cent threshold for a local referendum. The increase includes three per cent which is ring-fenced for adult social care and follows a 3.95 per cent total hike last year.

This will generate a total of £95 million in council tax for RMBC for 2017/18 – equivalent to 46 per cent of the revenue budget. And it will mean band D properties paying £1,394 for the council’s services next year compared to £1277.42 for the previous year. An increase of £166.57 pa or   £2.24 per week.

Most homes in Anston are in Council Tax Band ‘B’ currently paying £1277.14 per year. The increase means these homeowners will pay an extra £63.73 per year-equivalent to £1.22 per week.

RMBC’s reserves stood at £99.7 million at the start of the current financial year last April. Before Christmas, bosses proposed taking £5.2 million to help with budget pressures over the next two years. Now they are suggesting taking a further £5.3 million – mostly to help with children’s services.

The Chief finance manager-Peter Hudson-said: “The council currently has a healthy balance of reserves to mitigate overall budget risk in the short term and to support the budget in the medium term. The proposals include replenishing reserves that are being used and hence support a sustainable financial plan. In essence, the strategy is to use some reserves earlier than was previously planned and to replenish them later.”

The plans also include a repayment back into the pot of £3 million a year from 2018/19.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said local authorities would be permitted to increase council tax by up to 6% over two years, ringfenced for social care, with a maximum of 3% each year. He added “We’ve also just announced an extra £900m for social care, meaning they will have a total of £7.6bn to spend over four years.

Council tax accounts for only about half of local authority income – the rest coming from central grants and business rates.


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7 Responses to Council Tax to Increase by 4.99%

  1. S Thornton says:

    Where is my fan club ?. Two posts on here and not a word. Hard to slag off someone who speaks the truth. Notice no comments from their friends on the council.

    S Thornton.


  2. S Thornton says:

    Rather than questioning RMBC`s Council bill, this site should be questioning the 1.9% rise that the parish Council is imposing on its Parishioners.
    Last year the Parish Council made great of the fact that they would not be raising the precept for 2016/2017. What most people did not know was that the previous year the Parish council came in a whooping £28,000 UNDER budget. So why would they “freeze” the precept, they could have brought it down and saved the taxpayers a huge amount of money.
    This year, according to current financial predictions, the Parish Council are set to come in UNDER budget again, so why have they put it up again.
    Most of the Projects we have proposed to be done in the near future, are all costed from the reserves, so there is no substantial projects to support from the yearly budget, so why the increase.
    Inside the budget for 2017/18 is a £10,000 “contingency”. This “contingency” money is not allocated to any payment, nor any project. Its simply a pot of money (on top of reserves) that some councillors voted to keep in. If the £10,000 was taken out as I suggested, then the Precept could have come DOWN by around 2%
    In effect all those councillors who voted to accept the budget/precept, voted to tax the people of Anston to the tune of £10,000 for no reason whatsoever.
    Better still is the attendance record of those attending the Precept setting process. It was the same 6 or 7 councillors (out of 15) who showed up for the meetings, Two councillors never showed up for any meeting, and on the actual night of the final setting of the precept, only about half the council showed up.
    Throughout the process councillors “struggled” to make any savings at all, and sad to say some councillors were even blatant enough to say they wanted to put it up, but could not justify why they wanted to do that.
    And to sum it all up, on the night councillors voted to confirm and thus raise your Tax, no figures were included in the pack, so in my opinion councillors ( with the possible exception of one) did not actually know what they were voting for !!!. (This was confirmed when one Councillor thought they were voting only for a £7,000 contingency” )
    Not good enough
    I stood on a ticket of not raising the precept, and for actually reducing it to a more sensible level.



    • albert says:

      You also stood on a ‘ticket’ of finding ‘ the missing £50,000. You have had several years to find this. Did it actually exist? Or was it just a story invented to fool people into voting for you. Also why do you feel the need to silence members of the public by putting an agenda item to the council to ban the public session? As for cutting the precept this will reflect on the cutting of services provided to the members of the public. It is short sighted to always cut the precept. At some point the council will be unable provide any services if all you bang on about is to cut, cut, cut.


  3. S Thornton says:

    “is the Parish Precept in this”. Yes. The RMBC council send you a letter through the post that explains what you are paying. In the top right hand corner it will show you the percentage charge by RMBC Council. it will also show the percentage figure that the Parish Council has raised and the percentage that the Police and the Fire service are asking for. These different groups decide what they want to take from the taxpayer, and RMBC collect the requested money on their behalf.

    Cllr Thornton


  4. Alan Russell says:

    My understanding is the Parish Precept for 2017/2018 will add 27p per week/£14 per year to existing council tax bills.


  5. David says:

    Is there parish precept in this or is this to be added as well


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