Brainwashing Children.

Just what have we turned our children into?
We have a generation of children so confused that their mental health is affected. Some are so confused they don’t know what gender they are supposed to be?
Others are having mental health problems at a very early stages in their lives.

We have allowed the discipline, and control of our children to be taken over by so called “experts” .
The end result has been our children are totally confused with twisted, perverted propaganda from sources who should know better.
This is a problem that anybody with a brain cell could forsee many years ago.
Education of our young has been on par with the training the Hitler youth were subjected to; constant mind altering information. Left wing Liberal ideology is and has been used as a tool to distort children’s minds.

The media (mainly TV) has also been instrumental in twisting these young minds.
TV programmers push the boundaries of decency with some programmes that would not be out of place on adult channels.
I doubt the mentality and the morality of the scriptwriters agenda.
A scan of the type of gutter programmes can be seen every day, even before the “watershed” set up to protect our children shows just how far these scum are prepared to go.
These gutter programmes must be a Godsend to the perverts, and paedophiles in our midst?

Television programmes that seem obsessed with lesbianism and homosexual promiscuousness, never seeming to portray the risks associated with this practice.
Soaps are rife with homosexuals and lesbians. Emmerdale and Coronation Street seem to be obsessed with homosexuality with up to ten homosexuals in their storylines.
It leaves me wondering just how far they will push the boundaries of decency for “ratings”?
Will they (before the watershed) show two of the actors having sex and claim they are “showing real life” as an excuse for their perverted sense of ‘reality?

Woman and girls storylines involve multiple sexual partners.
The slightest reason and they jump into bed with no warnings of communicable diseases or the emotional backlash this type of behaviour brings.
All before the “so called” watershed!
Our failing education system has taken away religion in schools which in the past gave the young some guidelines and morals, to be replaced with “rights” of young people too early to be responsibly used.
With the onset of “Health and Safety” rules and the removal of firm discipline along with little or no training to prepare them for their future, schooling from an early age has been a disaster for them, and it could be argued this is why the numbers of confused children has risen substantially.

We have a generation that includes many who are rudderless, isolated and lonely, drifting without any moral anchor or structure to their lives. The values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, to ensure that children first grow up with a proper understanding of right and wrong through a study of morals and ethics.

As a qualified professional once stated “if a child want’s to be a dog, would you give it a bone”?
Parents and so called ‘Educationalists’ have the responsibility  to look further into the environment, lifestyles, and mental stability of these children, and not turn them into social experiments and parents and schools need to reign in what they are exposed to.

Children should be able to enjoy a childhood without those with a twisted, sick, perverted mentality inferring with their lives.
Children love dressing up and pretending, ask any responsible parent. If a child dresses up as a nurse you don’t give them scalpels, do you?

Let’s get some common sense back in our world.

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5 Responses to Brainwashing Children.

  1. odd ball says:

    Hey man this suff is far out kids are kids good or bad thing is they reflect ther surrounding s or mentor’s we don’t need negative waves man whot we need is good vibes and leadership and the return of proper values and respect


    • Watchman says:

      Children certainly do not need to be taught the language of the 1960’s. I’m still not sure if you are trying to imitate ‘Oddball’ from Kelly’s Heroes or if you’re a throwback.
      I agree leadership and respect should be taught. But not by you.


  2. Dave Bucklow says:

    Poor education of children has a knock on effect. When some of these youngsters reach adulthood the concept of responsibility and respect for others and their community is alien to them. That probably explains the incidents of vandalism, thefts and litter and the inability to communicate in a coherent and reasonable manner.

    I agree the Parish Council should be criticised when they fail to do what they say they will do but at least when councillors speak we can understand what they say and they are councillors because they want to do more than stay at home watching rubbish and moaning and groaning.

    Raising and educating children is an awesome responsibility, do we really want to raise a nation of misfits or do we want to educate the future craftsmen/women,engineers and scientists who are vital to our country’s prosperity?


  3. vocalyokel says:

    What happened to scrutinising Anston Parish Council ? Anyone could be forgiven for thinking this site had been taken over by the Parish Council.


    • Watchman says:

      Parents of children in Anston are also affected by poor education standards.

      Scrutiny of APC is still ongoing and they will be criticised when they fail.


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