No Fracking in Anston

At the Anston Parish Council meeting on 9th November councillors rejected an application by INEOS  Upstream Ltd. or its agents to carry out seismic surveys on Charity land.

Councillors refused permission because of concerns about the geology of the areas in question and until and unless INEOS lodge a planning application with RMBC to carry out seismic surveys in Anston this matter will not be considered any further by the parish council.

If and when an application from INEOS is lodged with RMBC the parish council will make a formal appeal giving its reasons why it should be refused and Anston residents will also have the opportunity to comment on the planning application once it is published.

The best way to stop RMBC from overriding the decision of APC is for everyone who objects to fracking in Anston to make their views known once a planning application by INEOS is lodged.





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3 Responses to No Fracking in Anston

  1. David says:

    And if a private land owner agreed to fracking on ther land along side apc land extraction from underneath apc land but with no payment food for thought so don’t pat your self on the back yet you could be losing out on income


  2. M Manship says:

    Can they actually grant permission to do it on charity land as it is technically private land? I’m against this all the way as are all the other councilors and even our neighbouring councilors in Woodsetts. Solidarity is important especially when the losses put weigh the gains.


  3. Insider. says:

    Well done APC councillors. It’s good to know they were not persuaded by offers of money from INEOS and voted instead to block seismic surveys.
    If an application to survey on Charity land is granted by RMBC it will be interesting to see the comments on RMBC’s website-if any.


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