Rotherham council helps grooming suspects to win anonymity

Four Asian men suspected of sexually exploiting a vulnerable teenager have been granted lifelong anonymity after a council abandoned attempts to prevent them from seeing her.

Concerns about the safety of the girl, who is white and from Rotherham, peaked in August when she was discovered in a hotel room with one of the men, alongside vodka, cannabis, condoms and female Asian clothing.

The South Yorkshire council sought a civil injunction to protect the child from the men, who it thought had pursued her for sex.

Last week, at a court hearing that it attempted to shroud in secrecy, the council withdrew its application because of “insufficient evidence”. The Times successfully fought for the case to be heard in public.

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This is disgraceful and unacceptable behaviour from RMBC and so far local MP’s Sir Kev, Sarah Champion and John Healey have stayed remarkably quiet about this.

So much for ‘protecting the vulnerable’ and ‘a fresh start’ which have turned out to be mealy mouthed soundbites from  MP’s and our Labour controlled borough council who on this evidence could not care less.

Shame on you.

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4 Responses to Rotherham council helps grooming suspects to win anonymity

  1. whistle blower says:

    Totally agree rmbc not fit for purpose but it’s the police and cps who in my opinion have failed also you fail to add at the time rmbc had cross party members the public at the last elections had the opportunity to remove labour cllrs and didn’t it’s interesting that you think all or most people within the Rotherham boundaries are brainwashed with this train of thought it’s no wonder we have only one independent cllr


    • Watchman says:

      My understanding is that Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council agreed to lifelong anonymity for the accused because they think giving anonymity to the female victim will ‘help to identify her’.
      A report of the hearing said Rotherham Borough Council felt it would be able to protect the child in ways other than by injunction by offering her services including one-to-one counselling, mental health support, support from a social worker and a personal advisor.
      Mr Justice Cobb granted the four men lifelong anonymity after the police and council argued that naming them would risk identifying the girl.

      I fail to understand this twisted logic so if any reader can offer an acceptable and coherent explanation for RMBC’s statement I’ll consider publishing it.


  2. Insider. says:

    ‘Will one or more of the Labour Party supporters who are quick to criticise APC… as critical about the ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ failures ‘
    I doubt it. Labour supporters are brainwashed (braindead?) to accept what the Labour party says and does.
    They support Sir Kev-(NUM sponsored turncoat who managed to make £500,000 profit from his taxpayer subsidised home)-and are conditioned to criticise anything and anybody who is Not One Of Them.
    I suspect that if APC gave every resident in Anston £50 they’d moan because it wasn’t enough.

    Back on topic.
    Rotherham police and RMBC councillors turned a blind eye to straight-up, violent, sexist racism..
    It’s not only reverse-racist political correctness at fault. If you read the entire report, you see a bureaucracy rife with dysfunction. A crude, sexist, macho culture within the police force and Rotherham councillors is to blame.
    Disgusting men, perpetrators,councilllors and police officers.


  3. David Caukwell says:

    The four Asian men have been granted lifelong anonymity.
    The abused girls will suffer a lifetime of torment and anguish and will no longer have any trust or faith in RMBC so is it any wonder the crime of CSE is under reported in Rotherham?
    Who are the real victims?
    Will one or more of the Labour Party supporters who are quick to criticise APC on this blog be as critical about the ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ failures who have no qualms about protecting men who violated young girls?


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