Application to Frack in Anston

Anston Parish Council has been approached by agents for INEOS Upstream Limited (which holds Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs)  to explore for gas in Anston within the shale layer of rock approximately 2,000-5,000 metres below the surface. Ineos are proposing to understand the geology better by undertaking gravity and magnetic surveys (which is merely walking on with a handheld small device) and 2D and 3D seismic surveys. The seismic survey consists of sinking explosive charges into the ground and listening for the return echo after detonation. This allows a surveyor to determine the type and structure of the underlying rock strata. The survey could also include some of the equipment shown below.


Vibroseis Truck


Tractor Drill


Receiver Node

Receiver points – these record the sound waves returning from the rocks below ground. Most of the points are between 50 and 70 metres apart and normally no wider than 0.1 metre in diameter.

This is on the Parish Council agenda for Wednesday 5th October and Councillor Christine Sadler is urging residents to contact their local councillor if they have any concerns regarding these proposals.

INEOS is offering financial incentives to landowners who allow access and further payments if drilling and production begins under their land. The Recreation Ground (which belongs to the Charity) and Butterfield Walk (which belongs to the Council) are earmarked for initial seismic surveys.

Exploration is not the same as drilling a well.

The issue of fracking in Anston has been covered on this blog before:

‘Hydraulic Fracturing aka ‘Fracking’ was first used in the 1950’s so it is nothing new….are the anti’s protesting about low volume or high volume fracking? Rock or Shale fracking?…’

If you have any views on this then come to the APC meeting on Wednesday but please remember; You have no right to speak at council meetings unless invited to do so by the Chairman.

A council meeting is not a public meeting.




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8 Responses to Application to Frack in Anston

  1. Morgan says:

    Gone very quiet on here do hope you’re not losing intrest on this site


    • Watchman says:

      As you will be aware nobody is forced to comment on any blog.
      One thing I’ve noticed is unless the lead story is about APC most of the regulars on here stay schtum.
      Not ‘losing interest’,I’m not in competition with anyone.


  2. miss f sales says:

    Watchman all or most land owners in this area have been asked for permission to conduct a survey and my facts are right if you are referring to the public session then please state that the public can speak at this time and not speak unless asked to do so.very confusing at the least as for cllrs making something out of nothing watch at the next meeting and yes I do agree with this survey and that’s all it is a survey


  3. miss f sales says:

    Please come along to council meeting but remember you carnt speak unless invited to do so if that’s the case why on earth would anyone turn up smack s of a closed shop to me by the way no licence has been applied for all it is land agents looking round for likely sites can you really see a drilling operation in the middle of the welfare how silly once again cllrs trying to make something out of nothing


    • Watchman says:

      I really wish you’d get your facts right before posting.
      Every council meeting whether it’s a borough,city or parish council meeting has the same rules. You speak when invited to do so otherwise it becomes a free for all shouting match.Is that your idea of how to conduct a meeting?
      Who said there would be drilling in the ‘the middle of the welfare’? INEOS have to seek the landowners permission-and that includes private landowners-before conducting a seismic survey.
      You are obviously in favour of INEOS conducting surveys anywhere they wish otherwise how do you explain ‘ cllrs trying to make something out of nothing’?


  4. odd fellow says:

    Most effective way to stop this is to set up a working group they will soon lose the will to live


  5. Morgan says:

    Yes so I understand very interesting brochure as anyone one else read it


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