Private versus Public Transport.

The anti-car lobby and Greens berate car and van owners for contributing to pollution and CO2.

Modern cars, if kept in good condition, produce only quite small quantities of the air quality pollutants, but the emissions from large numbers of cars add to a significant air quality problem. Emissions of these air quality pollutants from road vehicles have been reduced by improving the quality of fuels and by setting increasingly stringent emission limits for new vehicles. As an example, it would take 50 new cars to produce the same quantity of air quality pollutant emissions per mile as a vehicle made in 1970  Other factors, such as driving style, driving conditions and ambient temperature also affect them.

Successive governments (from all parties) have fiddled with fuel duty rates and subsidies to ‘bus companies to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use public transport which on paper seems to be a Good Idea.

Unless you live in Anston.

There are probably dozens of people in our area who have jobs that requires them to work on Sundays either in Sheffield or Rotherham who do not own their own transport. There are no bus services to Sheffield or Rotherham that will get them to work for an early start. What alternatives do they have other than to beg a lift to and from work from a relative or friend or hire a taxi?

Politicians and the Greens/Friends of the Earth cannot talk about reducing emissions or greenhouse gases and expect everyone to cycle to and from work, it’s fantasy land to think otherwise.

It is time for RMBC and ‘bus companies to get together to consider introducing a subsidised Sunday ‘bus service linking Anston/Dinnington/Rotherham and Sheffield and stop criticising and demonising car owners who need to get to work during the weekends.


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  1. miss f sales says:

    Well when the fuel strike was on there was a significant drop in people being admitted to hospital with breathing problems this was put down to less traffic pollution for that period however technology has moved on so hopefully we now have cleaner engine s


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