Anston Festival Day

Anston Festival Day Sunday 28th August. 10:15am-6pm. On the Parish Recreation Ground Ryton Road.

Plenty of things to do and activities for everyone including a ‘Rio Fun Run‘, Salsa demonstration, Egg and Spoon race for Dads, Sack race for children and a Relay for Mums.

Bring your own picnic while listening to music from the ‘Old Guys Rockin‘ group.

There will also be competitions including a Balloon Race, build a Lego Tower in 15 minutes and a Pineapple hunt and there will also be coffee and ice cream stalls plus other stalls where you can learn about Rescue dogs, Jewellery, Plants and Cats.

In the Main Hall you can visit the Copa Cabana Cafe and talk to members of the Art Group.

A fun day out for the whole family.






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7 Responses to Anston Festival Day

  1. Norman says:

    I haven’t seen this being knocked in any post on here but the fact remains some cllrs do agree more support may have been given to this group and rightfully so


  2. Insider. says:

    Let the knockers do their worst!
    It is great that a group of residents felt strongly enough to take this event on board after the last council scrapped their grant. The Festival group has managed to secure funding from the Lottery, local businesses and a grant-as well as free use of the Main Hall-from APC to ensure the continuity of the Anston Festival. It is not unknown for local groups to organise and take control of community events, The three day Woodsetts Festival is privately funded and there are no complaints from Woodsetts residents.
    A community event for the community, what’s wrong with that?


  3. miss f sales says:

    I have not knocked this event in fact I support it100 per cent that’s more than can be sead for some it’s fantastic to see local events such as this in communities and should have full support


  4. David Cawkwell. says:

    I take the opposite view from miss sales. She should be glad a group of local residents have acquired funding to enable them to put on the Anston Festival Day. Why should the parish council have to fund it?
    The festival is a very good example of what can be and should be done by private citizens to promote an event for the benefit of everyone in the parish.
    Has miss sales never heard of initiative or private funding? Perhaps she believes in the Nanny state where everyone’s taxes pays for public events and that APC should refuse funding from Natural England and use more of her money to oversee Anston Stones Wood?
    Well done to the organisers of Anston Festival Day. You made a profit last year and I hope you make a profit this year to improve the event in future.


  5. miss f sales says:

    A very well done to anston day team for all ther hard work in making. Progress in gaining grants and providing a great community day wich I am sure the whole village will appreciate it’s a great addition to the village bringing the community together if only apc had thought of it


    • Watchman says:

      You had to spoil your post with the stupid remark about “if only apc had thought of it”
      It will have escaped your attention that until 2 years ago it was funded by APC and then the Labour administration voted to cut the funding in the 2014/2015 budget.

      To all posters: Do not start to divert this thread,if you do your post will be blocked.


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