Fundraising and Macmillan Nurses

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the collection for Macmillan nurses on the night of Wednesday 13 July at a  presentation by Durham University in Anston Parish Hall.

The total collected was £174-55. The amount that was gift aided included in this total was £102 meaning that an additional 25% of £102 will be recovered making a grand total of £200.05. This money has now been delivered to the Macmillan nurses at Rotherham hospital.

This is a great sum of money for a worthwhile organisation who also rely on voluntary contributions to help them continue the brilliant work they do.

Macmillan Nurses are qualified nurses with specialist qualifications and skills in cancer care. Their role is to support patients and their families through diagnosis and treatment. They also advise on aspects of care when treatment is for comfort and not cure, which is known as palliative care. Macmillan Nurses also see people who do not have cancer, but are dealing with other chronic illnesses such as motor neurone disease, end-phase cardiac disease, and multiple sclerosis. The Macmillan Nurses help with symptom control and provide palliative care.

It is probably true that most people know someone who has or once had cancer and Macmillan Nurses are there to assess complex needs, give advice to other healthcare professionals and support people with cancer to understand their treatment options.

If you want to know more about Macmillan Nurses and their work:

If you want to know about the different types of cancer, survival rates and the research that is being undertaken to understand the biology of cancer:

Your contributions help in so many ways. Thank you for your generosity.


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5 Responses to Fundraising and Macmillan Nurses

  1. S Thornton says:

    Every year the Parish Council has a Charity Collection at the Bonfire. Bluebell wood and Yorkshire Air Ambulance are just two of those that have been invited to collect money in the past. If Macmillan can supply people for the bucket collection, and Chris wants to approach the Parish Council this year for the collection, I think it will be welcomed.

    Cllr Stuart Thornton


  2. christine sadler says:

    Anyone with suggestions to follow this sum raised please shout up, APC will be repeating the Durham presentation next year with a different exhibition to keep up the interest, but in the meantime we are hoping to put on other Macmillan events. Very many thanks to all concerned, and please send in any ideas.


    • David Cawkwell. says:

      Why not organise a collection for Macmillan Nurses at the Parish Bonfire? If every person who attended donated just £1 I think there is every chance you would collect at least £1,000/£2,000.
      Just a thought.


  3. miss f sales says:

    A very good response from the public for a great cause well done


  4. Veritas. says:

    Fantastic news!
    To be able to raise £200 for Macmillan from that event shows just how generous people are. Thanks to Councillor Chris Sadler as well for organising the collection for Macmillan Nurses, a great effort by everyone.


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