Remembrance Day Parade under threat.

Remembrance Day. When we Honour our Heroes.

The time to remember our men and women in the Armed Forces, the Merchant Navy and the civilians who lost their lives in both world wars and other conflicts since 1945. We will not and must not forget them.

But……………..This year the men,women, boys and girls from local organisations and groups in Anston may not have the opportunity to take part in Remembrance Day Parades. Why? Because Police and Crime Commissioner Dr.Alan Billings-Labour party stooge-has cut the funding to our local police force and former Chief Constable of South Yorkshire David Crompton decided there will be no police officers available to close off Ryton Road and the A57 crossroads.This means Brownies, Beavers,Cubs, Scouts and everyone else who wants to take part in the annual Remembrance Day Parade and Service are at the present time left in limbo.

RMBC has offered to ‘help’ with road signage to an alternative route-at a cost of £525.00! (“Discounted” from £940.00)

A bit of background: Alan Billing spent £12 Million of our money on legal costs for eight senior police officers in the Hillsborough Inquiry. Which is very strange. The Chief Police Officers Staff Association have insurance cover for legal costs.

  1. i) Any fees, expenses and other disbursements including VAT if not recoverable reasonably incurred by the Appointed Representative with the Coverholder’s consent including costs and expenses of expert witnesses.
  2. ii) Any costs incurred by other parties insofar as the Insured is held liable in court or tribunal to pay such costs or becomes liable under a settlement made with another party with the consent of the Coverholder

On his blog Dr.Billings said “……….This is why we must try to maintain good numbers of both police officers and police community support officers in all our communities.

£12 Million spent on legal costs defending the indefensible and cutting the number of police officers and PCSO’s contrary to his statements but he expects APC to pay £525.00 so the good people of Anston can pay their respects to their loved ones and friends who paid the ultimate price.

Independent Borough  Councillor Clive Jepson suggested the Clerk to the Council write to Billings and Ch.Constable Watson on behalf of the parish council and residents to try and get this decision overturned. Most Band ‘D’ properties in Anston pay approximately £153 per year ‘police precept’ as part of your Council Tax bill, what are we getting for our money? APC has been told we are NOT getting two or three PCSO’s and a small police car-for about two hours- to ensure the safety of local taxpayers who want to pay homage to our fallen warriors. 3 PCSO’s plus a car does not equate to £525.00. The PCC has abdicated his duties and responsibilities and expects APC to pay RMBC to control this event. With More of Our Money.

South Yorkshire Chief Constable Stephen Watson has indicated he wants to reverse the £8 million cuts initiated by former Ch.Const. David Crompton, perhaps he should also re-think this foolish decision and reflect that without the sacrifices of millions of men and women he and Alan Billings might not have the freedoms they enjoy. Do not deny us the freedom to acknowledge the courage of everyone who fought and died for us.


Addendum: I understand APC has also been told they will have to pay another £525.00 for police help when traffic leaves the Bonfire Night celebrations in the parish grounds (Sunday November 6th this year)

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8 Responses to Remembrance Day Parade under threat.

  1. miss f sales says:

    When a person lays down ther life so many others may live in peace and safety they have the right to be remembered it is utterly shameful that the police will be unable to attend what else will we lose next on Sunday a March in Sheffield was attended by police as reported by radio Sheffield eastern air


    • Watchman says:

      Good post Miss Sales.
      It has been suggested that if the Remembrance Day organisers renamed their parade as an EDL march Anston would be knee deep in police officers!


  2. Norman says:

    Isn’t the same thing apc are doing cutting services to save money no one should be stopping people from remembering the people who gave ther all for us March and be proud of our fallen


  3. S Thornton says:

    The PCC attended Dinnington Town Council, along with several senior Police officers ( and one assumes the lady with him was his PA ). He seemed to be unaware that policing was being withdrawn from Parades. ( so who is in charge) I spoke to the Chief Inspector (?) afterwards and he stated that policing is being withdrawn from parades because he does not have the man power. Funny that its just been announced that Eastwood are to get their own “mini Police force”, so much for a shortage of police Officers. I was so disgusted at this that I brought the issue up at a branch Meeting of the “Yorkshire Local Councils Assn” , in the presence of other Parish Councillors in the Rotherham area. It seems that this issue is not going down well with his own Labour Councillors. The Branch agreed to write to the PCC and the word is that the PCC is considering a U turn. We wait and see.

    Cllr Thornton
    ( Ex Serviceman)


    • christine sadler says:

      As anyone who attended the Dinnington Town Council meeting where this Dr Billings attended can tell you the Commisioner for police knows nothing about policing. When a member of the public had to supply to this pathetic apology of the best that Whitehall can dig up from the depths the info that a PCSO does not have the same powers as a police officer, he then suggested that all members of the public have powers of arrest, I think it is time for this person to get out of town. The Dinnington area is without police presence and this person does not care about public safety, the best money saving effort would be to get rid of Billings, he is nothing but a leech.
      Pity Dave Smith closed the Q and A session we might just have witnessed a lynching.


    • Cliff Topp says:

      Under section 24a of PACE 1984 *any* person can arrest anyone else subject to them committing an indictable offence, have reasonable suspicion they are committing an indictable offence or have reasonable suspicion they’ve committed an indictable offence.

      However, a person can only make a citizens arrest when, it is not reasonably practical for a police constable to make the arrest; and it is necessary because the person in question is either:
      1. Causing physical injury to themselves or others;
      2. Suffering physical injury;
      3. Causing damage or loss of property; or
      4. Escaping before a police constable can take responsibility of them.

      I believe this is the power Billings was referring to in the meeting that both citizens and PCSO’s have, certianly not the same power of arrest that a Constable has via Warrant.


    • Watchman says:

      A PCSO can,for example:give someone a fixed-penalty notice, eg for littering
      demand the name and address of someone being anti-social
      take alcohol off a person aged under 18
      A PCSO can also ask a police officer to arrest a person.


  4. David Cawkwell. says:

    There are several items of expenditure that can be cut by the PCC including the costs of his three PR people.
    It is beyond appalling to even think of refusing to provide police/PCSO cover for the annual Remembrance Day parade and the Chief Constable must rescind this decision.
    My father fought in WW2 and until his death in 1996 aged 84 he never missed a Remembrance Day parade and church service, he was proud of those who fought and died and proud to have served his country.
    There are lots of men and women in Anston who probably feel the same way as my Dad and to dishonour them and their service by penny pinching is a disgrace.


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