Dub Oddysey 2

A very successful show which exceeded all expectations according to the organiser of Dub Oddysey.

The event at Rackford Meadows was well planned with plenty of room for those who camped overnight with their show vehicles and the music stage was sited out of earshot of the local residents. Car parking for visitors was orderly and well executed by extremely friendly marshalls. Other club members were also very friendly and happy to talk to members of the public about their vehicles and it was obvious SVWOC members are passionate about their Vee Dub’s and the different models. The standard of presentation of some of the vehicles on display was outstanding.

I understand that next year’s show will be bigger and better and will possibly include other makes car clubs and/or custom and classic cars.                                                                             Let’s hope this event eventually becomes the premier car show in South Yorkshire. Dub Oddysey can take pride in a job well done in their first year in Anston.

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3 Responses to Dub Oddysey 2

  1. Norman says:

    Not a bad review considering rm is a white elephant bit two faced I think


    • Watchman says:

      I don’t know whether you are naturally obtuse or if you take lessons.
      There is absolutely no possibility of APC being able to recoup even half of the £12,800 yearly interest payments, ergo it is a white elephant.


  2. Veritas. says:

    I agree. The VW owners were easy to talk to and my impressions were they were having a good time and loved the space available to them on Rackford Meadows.
    Considering this was their 1st Anston show-on a field with very limited facilities-they were very positive about RM and Anston.and want to come back next year.
    Well done to the organiser(s) and VW club members for your show this year.


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