Is thIs this our share of the £10 million Roads spend.

Contributed by Patriot.

While I realise that this is Anston Parish Council Watch, my opinion is that anything of interest or concern in the areas around Anston should be newsworthy enough to warrant discussion on here.

First, before I get to my concerns I would like to ask you a question.
If you owned or inherited a ramshackle, derelict house with broken windows and wet rot that was falling to bits and a danger to the public WOULD YOU PAINT THE WINDOW FRAMES?
Of COURSE YOU WOULDN’T. You would consider this foolish and a total waste of money when more urgent remedial work was needed.

So, guess what I saw this morning while attempting to drive through the World war one shell scarred battlefield otherwise known as Dinnington roads.
Words almost fail me.
WHATS GOING ON HERE?  Has RMBC decided to spend our quota of the £10 million first on a couple of tins of paint?

I drove down from the other Dinnington near Newcastle recently where their roads, although by no means perfect would put our Dinnington to shame. In fact If I had driven all the way down blindfolded I would have known when I was almost home, when my car started shuddering through potholes and craters almost immediately after leaving the M18 at Thurcroft.

A Kings ransom has been spent on Rotherham towns roads and there is resurfacing and other work being done at present all over the place in the town centre while outlying places like Dinnington, Anston and Thurcroft are ignored.

THIS IS A TOTAL DISGRACE RMBC.  Part of Labours pre election promises was to spend an EXTRA £10 million on our roads. WE EXPECT MORE THAN A TIN OF PAINT.       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. This is not money RMBC has suddenly found it is money given by the government for road improvements.    Perhaps our two newly elected Labour councillors would like to comment?

I won’t hold my breath.

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14 Responses to Is thIs this our share of the £10 million Roads spend.

  1. S Thornton says:

    Patriot. Well done. You have said what everyone knew. This person has had more than the 4 aliases quoted. Those in the know have been smirking for months. Did you notice when I asked “miss f sales” to reveal their true identity they failed to do so. quite a few “locals” are posting on here under false names, all slagging off the Independent Cllrs, its not that hard to work out who they are. The Independents have been giggling for months.


  2. Insider. says:

    Part of Woodsetts Road, from near the Butterfly Farm towards Woodsetts will be resurfaced in late June/early July this year.
    Only a 500m (546 yards) length will be resurfaced. How and why this figure is calculated is anyone’s guess.

    If residents have any queries or problems with road surfaces in the Borough the person to contact is
    Mick Greenwood.
    Highway Inspector.
    Network Management.
    Regeneration & Environment Service
    Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
    Tel 01709 254594
    email mick.greenwood@


  3. miss f sales says:

    Ask the independent s how to do it probably set up a committee for roads imagine how long it would take to get one surfaced then


    • Watchman says:

      Your post makes no sense at all. Unless it was supposed to be sarcastic?
      Roads are under the remit of RMBC.


    • Patriot says:

      Watchman, in my opinion miss f sales is the same faux illiterate poster who comes on here alongside at least another of his four aliases who will write anything on your forum that will feebly attempt to discredit all and any Independent Councillor regardless of what the topic of conversation is. A typical example is shown above. Most people who take the time and effort to read this forum will know that the roads are the responsibility of RMBC but this fact does not stop this person from having a go at APC. This type of post can be seen throughout this forum and any sensible person will see the pattern, which I have no doubt has a reverse psychology on them which means that miss f sales and his aliases is discrediting himself and therefore no sensible reader will take any notice of the nonsense he writes. I suppose you could say he has entertainment value, much like a clown does in a Circus. My guess it this is the only reason you put up with him. I am 99% sure of this persons identity. Go on Watchman, give us a clue to the other 1%.


    • Watchman says:

      I couldn’t possibly say!

      I publish 99.9% of all comments posted in the interests of fairness and balance but I do occasionally have to correct some of the wild theories and fantasies posted as ‘facts’ by either the plain ignorant or those who try to divert a thread.
      I’m glad you enjoy spotting the jokers as well.


  4. Insider. says:

    When I was driving down Lakeland Drive today I noticed contractors preparing to resurface part or all of Thirlmere Drive. It probably does need resurfacing but it is not in such a bad state as Swinston Hill and Woodsetts Road.
    Someone has got their priorities all wrong IMV.


  5. S Thornton says:

    I think the “numpty” who is responsible for prioritising the budget, is Cllr Hoddenott ( the partner of the RMBC Leader Chris Reed) who has just been promoted to the newly elected cabinet role for roads. Lets all guess who selected all the new cabinet members.


    • guido says:

      As most people know, the leader of the council selects the cabinet as with central government the prime minister selects his. No secret there then. Also the councillors do not decided which roads are prioritised. Again most people
      know this. What a worthless post from s thorton.


    • Watchman says:

      If you read S.Thornton’s post properly he makes the valid point that Hoddinott is Read’s bed partner and she has responsibility for budgetary control and roads. Mr. Thornton does not say ‘councillors decide which roads are prioritised’.
      Don’t make up stories just because you can’t understand what is written.


  6. Insider says:

    The department responsible for maintaining our roads is Streetpride.

    Full of jargon and designed to bore the average reader to death.


  7. vocalyokel says:

    Re painting the lines on the pot hole ridden roads is one thing but resurfacing non through roads such as Thirlmere, Paterdale, and Lonsdale when roads such as Dog Kennel Lane are in the mess they are (and have been for some time) takes the biscuit. I would like to know which numpty is responsible for prioritising the budget.


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