New House Building on Plaxton Site.

Despite objections from nearby residents, Anston Parish Council and Independent Borough  Cllr. Clive Jepson RMBC has given permission for up to 30 homes to be built on the disused Plaxton’s site on Ryton Road.

Many of the objectors raised valid concerns about site pollution, noise, access for construction traffic and the new homes and proximity to the Shell petrol station on the A57. The site is contaminated with Arsenic, Nickel, Chromium and Lead and the construction company will have to undertake  thorough soil cleansing and disposal before the concrete rafts for new homes are laid.

The full list of reports and plans for the site can be found here:

There is also an obligation for the contractors to provide low cost homes.                                                                                        04 The development shall not begin until a scheme for the provision of affordable housing as part of the development has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The Affordable Housing shall be provided in accordance with the approved scheme and shall meet the definition of affordable housing in Annex B of PPS3 (or any future guidance that replaces it) and in accordance with the Council’s Interim Planning Statement for Affordable Housing.

One of the major objections to this development is the problems of access and exit to and from the site which could mean turning across streams of traffic on Ryton Road just before the road narrows under the railway bridge. (That should be interesting during rush hours)

Is it mere coincidence that planning approval for the site was not published until just after the local elections?



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7 Responses to New House Building on Plaxton Site.

  1. miss f sales says:

    Yes it is a brown field site thought that’s what was preferred an as far as affordable homes go you’d have to look back to Mrs thatcher when right to buy came in that is the only time I have seen affordable homes in fact I bought one got me a step on the housing ladder and probably did other people as well


  2. miss f sales says:

    This site as been crying out for development to do the things your asking would not be viable I think this kind of site would be great for house building or do you prefer green belt carnt have it always


  3. miss f sales says:

    You must remember is site had a large number of bus s in and out and I can’t remember eney accidents


    • Veritas. says:

      In reply to miss f sales:
      Most of the buses and coaches leaving the old Plaxton’s site went straight across the road to the service centre.
      Now imagine 3/4 trucks every hour loaded with spoil trying to exit.They won’t be going up the Baulk but crossing traffic to turn on to the A57.
      I don’t think anyone is claiming there will be accidents but the risk is greater if residents of the proposed new homes exit the site during rush hours.
      It would have been much easier IMO if the old office block on the corner of the A57/Ryton Rd. was demolished and the filter lane widened to give access to the site. It could also be argued that the developer should buy 1 or 2 houses on Wilberforce Rd and demolish them to make the exit via there.


  4. David Cawkwell says:

    I find it difficult to understand why the planning dept. greenlighted this scheme without insisting on alternative entry and exit routes into and from the site.
    The current proposal for access and exit is an accident waiting to happen IMV especially as it is so close to the traffic lights at the junction of Ryton Rd. and the A57.
    We should welcome more housebuilding on brownfield sites but not at the risk of traffic congestion or accidents.


    • christine sadler says:

      Don’t forget the development on the A57 opposite the petrol station, there has already been 1 accident at the tree felling stage more to come I fear pity the poor folk exiting the site and turning right, good old RMBC planning.


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