Dump Labour and Vote Independent!

Do Dinnington and Anston a favour if you really must vote Labour and stay at home!

It’s that time of year again, you’ve probably had the pamphlets through the door already. It’s the only time the Rotherham Labour party give a monkeys about Dinnington and Anston…. That’s right! **ELECTION TIME!!**

Any day now they will be knocking on your door, perhaps accompanied by the local MP if he’s not too busy referring himself to the Parliamentary Standards Committee.

If course they’ll want to talk to you about Tory cuts and how it would be so much better if they were running things, but you might want to ask a few questions:

  1. Just who was it who allowed hundreds of young girls to be abused on the streets of Rotherham for years?
  2. Why is the Labour controlled Police force withdrawing officers from our community and closing our Police station? Why don’t we get our fair share of South Yorkshire Police resources?
  3. Why do we see year on year under investment in our local infrastructure whilst our Council tax is spent in Rotherham town centre?
  4. Why don’t we have leisure facilities in Dinnington or Anston? Why did they get built in Maltby and Aston when we have a higher population here?
  5. Why are all the travellers camps in Rotherham earmarked for our area?

Yes, it’s the Labour party!

This year we have three independent candidates in Dinnington and two in Anston.

Vote Independent and Dump Labour in 2016!

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Unless of course you want be represented by Labour councillors who say one thing to electors and then do a U-turn when pressured by their Labour colleagues in RMBC meetings.

Independent councillors are free from Bias, Political spin, Influence and Persuasion.


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4 Responses to Dump Labour and Vote Independent!

  1. miss f sales says:

    The way things are going it’s set to be a low turn out so that will open the door for labour as they are the only party chasing all the seats and this will be helped by candidates with no policies who will then blame every one else fact is anston needs strong representation at rmbc level but you are correct who do we trust


  2. miss f sales says:

    Looks like a one horse race fo independent s at anston think Clive will be ok so one independent two labour


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