Election 2016

Sent in by one of our regular contributors:

As a resident – Looking at the second leaflet Labour have put out for this area – What Can One Say?

Lauren Astbury – From Maltby.

Lost 2 elections for Maltby? So what good is she going to be here in our area? What does she know about us – very little but I expect that won’t matter to Labour.

Labour desperate to fill places are foisting their no hopers on us.

And she will be looking to her £12K.  No thanks Lauren.

Katherine Wilson

This girl put up for Anston Parish Council recently as Katherine Martha Wilson Velez.  She did not even bother to turn up to the selection process. Well – Parish Councillors do not get paid BUT Borough councillors get c£12K so we can see where her priorities lie can’t we.      

No thanks to bad manners and opportunism.

Jonathan Ireland  

A member of Anston Parish Council (watch the videos on You tube)  He appears ill mannered, ill informed and is keen to spend our money with abandon.  Wanting parishioners to do RMBC’s work for them and pay for the privilege – See the nonsense over The Crowgate dog muck field.  Why should we pay to do RMBC’s repairs and maintenance – give it ‘em back let them pay for their own holdings, you will still be able to tramp through the dog muck.

Then again Jonathan if you want to be a Labour Borough Councillor – for the £12K you are obviously prepared to jump to RMBC’s tune to get it.  That’s not representing us the ratepayers.

Oh! Probably coming up to retirement age from the prison service – nice little earner to top up the pension?

No thanks –  ill mannered, ill informed,  self self self – No good for us.

We’re backing Labour: Jo Burton –

The woman who was Deputy to the disgraced Shaun Wright, and attempts to convince everyone she knew nothing about Child Sexual Exploitation. She would have seen all the documentation on this disgusting crime.  Professor Alexis Jay said in her report no-one could deny knowledge of this – disgusting crime

Kept quiet to save your pay did you Jo?  Who can have faith in anything she says or recommends.

Been deselected by Labour Jo/ About time.

Judy Dalton:                                                                                                                     

The Not Fit For Purpose ex Chairman of the Taxi Licensing Board in Rotherham – Good thing they got rid of her. She also ran a business called Gangs and Grooming with her husband and daughter –Jumping on the Child Sexual Exploitation situation to make money.  Is this still running? –

Who could respect anything this dreadful person says.

Ruby Smith: 

Aligning yourself with Burton & Dalton leaves you with no credence. No credence at all.

And we are supposed to put our faith in this lot?




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14 Responses to Election 2016

  1. roy says:

    Well I must say that is the most sensible thing I have seen on here in along time we’ll sead miss sales


  2. miss f sales says:

    No sorry I didn’t but as a floating voter I find it hard to choose between party s and that’s why candidates really need to state there what their policies are other than bang on about labour as a young voter I would like to make the right decision based on each candidates policy s


    • Watchman says:

      A sensible and well thought out comment.
      It is difficult to make decisions if we are not given enough information.


    • Patriot says:

      Historically proven, election manifestos, policies and promises are not worth the paper they are written on. Like kissing babies, supposedly reclaiming Rotherhams streets and faux litter picking. All done for the cameras and all trying, in a state of panic, to pull the wool over peoples eyes in order to get their vote. Promising the Earth and delivering mud. I find it all pathetic and mistrust any candidate that does this. Councillors must think we are all thick and can’t see what is going on. How many hours will Jonothan Ireland spend picking other peoples rubbish up after the election? How many hours will Lauren Astbury spend travelling from Maltby to Anston or Woodsetts to discuss the residents needs and wishes? Councillors would do well to remember that they are supposed to represent the people who voted them in and the ones that didn’t vote for them. Seems to me that some candidates are only interested in representing themselves and looking after their own financial ambitions. Voters should think long and hard about who they see as being GENUINE. Few and far between if you ask me.


  3. S Thornton says:

    Miss F Sales,
    did not see you complaining when John Ireland stood for Election, he admitted in Public he had no policies, and was not going to produce any leaflets. If you condem him on this blog you will have some credence in your argument.
    leaflets from Labour, UKIP, and Independent Clive Jepson, nothing from Tories or Greens.


  4. miss f sales says:

    Mrs sadler saying your not delivering no flyers then how can the public no your views or policies you may like to put forward I think that every candidate should do ther best to make the best possible case why you should be elected sorry but vote and pray just doesn’t work


  5. David Cawkwell says:

    A curious thing about the Labour party candidates leaflets:
    No mention of any sort of apology for Labour’s lies,bullying and cover up over CSE.
    The first step in dealing with a problem is to admit there is a problem and I cannot see on any of the candidates literature an admittance that the Labour party-which has controlled Rotherham for 40 years-failed to protect vulnerable young people and failed the electorate by burying their collective heads in the sand and pretending it didn’t happen.
    What’s happened to responsibility and truthfulness?


  6. harry says:

    Len obviously you don’t know the retirement age of prison officers. Well it is 67. I don’t think Ireland
    is anywhere near that, he must be at least 20 years from pensionable age. Unless of course he uses vast amounts of oil of ulay.


  7. christine sadler says:

    so miss sales haven’t seen no flyers yet, must be the only person in Anston and Woodsetts they’ve missed out, RMBC have put an extra paper collection on to get rid, plenty going the rounds from UKIP. You won’t get any flyers from me I can’t compete with the Labour party candidates, after all the LABOUR PARTY are paying so no expense spared, their flyers are a beauty to behold but it is still not an incentive for me to sell my soul to the Labour party. Is anyone wondering where Labour get all their money from, here is a conundrum to get Anston brains working, A FIVER TO THE FIRST PERSON WITH THE CORRECT ANSWER, and NO Stuart Thornton you cannot join the quiz. I’ll give you till May 1 to wrangle it round in your brains folks, no consideration given to any reply after then.


  8. Insider says:

    It’s not only Anston that is having Labour retreads selected as candidates.
    You only need to look at the full list of Labour candidates to see who’s jumped to different wards.in the hope they will be unrecognised.

    Miss Sales makes a valid point about other parties being slow to deliver their leaflets, the only other one I’ve had is from Clive Jepson (Independent).
    Committed voters don’t need a leaflet, they know who they will vote for but it is interesting to see the spin the Labour party puts on things like spending on roads.
    The bigger question for all candidates IMO in Anston is What are you going to do about RMBC’s decision to stop School Crossing patrols in our area?
    How many deaths on Nursery Rd, Park Avenue and Ryton Rd. will have to happen before this crass decision is overturned?


    • christine sadler says:

      Never mind, as long as the Manager for school crossings retains his job then it will be allright on the night.


  9. miss f sales says:

    Haven’t seen no flyers yet only labour


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