A Challenge

Everyone is aware we live in a changing world.

This is especially noticeable in the ways which central government is pushing for large County/Unitary and Borough councils to become leaner and more efficient (‘Value for Money’) and as a consequence less money is given to parish councils.                                                                                               

Some LA’s are refusing to pass on the money from the DCLG to parish councils.

Anston Parish Council has frozen the precept (Anston Tax) for 2016/2017 to reduce the financial burden on residents and has identified other costs which, if not controlled will leave the parish finances with a deficit which can only be eliminated by either raising the precept every year, getting rid of some services and/or reducing the workload of the groundstaff.

Parish Councils may only spend public money on projects or actions for which they have a Statutory Power. Breaking this rule is likely to result in a Parish Councils accounts being refused by the auditor and, possibly, the individual councillors being required to repay the money illegally expended. There is still, as there was in 1894, (The Local Government Act 1894) only one power which the Parish Council must consider using and that is to “provide allotments for the labouring poor”, if asked for them. All other powers are voluntary – the Parish Council is not obliged to exercise them and indeed the majority would find it difficult to raise enough money to exercise them all on a permanent basis. Parish Councils are funded by a small part of the council tax and get no general government grant, so they have every incentive to ensure that they give and get value for money.

Here’s the Challenge: Instead of a certain vocal minority carping on about ‘Why doesn’t the parish council do this or that’ or ‘We need a grant for ……’  Why don’t they-and certain keyboard warriors (You know who you are)- and other concerned residents try to work with the parish council and offer positive proposals and answers to some of these questions?

What is the maximum grant APC should give to any group?

Should groups be given reduced rates for the main room hire? (Current full rate is £25 per hour)

Should any group be given free room hire?

How much should be spent on Bonfire Night celebrations?

What other events (apart from the Steam Rally and VW Club show) could be held on Rackford Meadows to offset the £12,800 pa interest payments?

Should RMBC or APC have responsibilities for all grass cutting in Anston?

This list of questions is not exhaustive.

Something to bear in mind; We all want a new parish hall that will be spacious, energy efficient and with better facilities. The money for it has to come from somewhere and although a grant might be available the parish council does not have unlimited funds to initiate a new building programme.

Hence the Challenge.

Control costs, find new income streams or keep raising the precept?

Your Money.Your Choice.


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111 Responses to A Challenge

  1. S Thornton says:

    You make a valid point. But to dispel any myths about Labour, Anston (at present)is not a Labour Strong hold. In recent years the good folk of Anston and woodsetts have voted in a Tory, and an Independent. The Parish Council in Anston is an Independent controlled Parish Council ( although two Labour Party members sneaked on without declaring their Party Membership) Labour are not primed to win in Anston at all.


  2. Tom says:

    Hi Stuart
    If I remember right when Darren Hughes put up for Tory he won hands down, although he changed to labour it did prove the point that Anston was comfortable with the Tory Borough Councillor
    Yours Faithfully


  3. S Thornton says:

    Dear Tom,
    Please read the thread. I made it quite clear. But just to be sure, If people want to get rid of Labour in Anston and Woodsetts, then the only way to do it is for Tories to vote for UKIP. ( Tories came no where near in the last election) The Independent Candidates will struggle to gain enough votes. At the last election the Tories garnered 500 odd votes, UKIP lost to Labour by 50 votes. If Tories vote UKIP, Labour will be finshed in Anston. Simple.


  4. miss f sales says:

    ALL cllrs this is not a personality contest it is about the future of a village it’s services it’s people dos it matter what party your from think not I don’t understand why apc cannot work to generate stability why pull anston day to bits o it was originally a labour idea so that won’t work well it as all group’s need support even the council cllrs owt to think before posting silly comenent s as this kind of behaviour as no value and will continue to create future unrest among themselves and public it seems to be look at me grandstanding in stead of doing all you can to the best of your ability to work with the community to wich you serve


  5. Tom says:

    Excuse me watchman this was not a snide remark about a councillor it was a question to Stuart who published what I had replied to, and also why only one labour councillor with a star against their name when there is more than one on that list

    Yours faithfully


    • Watchman says:

      The councillor with a * against her name is a reject from Maltby and she was an RMBC councillor in 2012.
      I am not going to publish the full list of candidates because I gave you the link.


  6. Peter says:

    Very good question that tom why indeed didn’t cllr Thornton suggest independent over ukip


    • Watchman says:

      Hold it right there you two.
      If you can be bothered to read this through thread Cllr.Thornton has given his explanation.
      No more attacks on or snide remarks about any APC councillor will be published.


  7. Tom says:

    Hi Stuart
    Could you tell Me why you ask conservative voters to vote UKIP when if you are independent, why not ask them to vote independent ?
    could you let us have a list of the names of the candidates so we can see who were councillors at the time of child exploitation which Stuart has mentioned, perhaps you could identify these with a tick at the side of there names
    Yours faithfully


    • Watchman says:

      The candidates for Anston and Woodsetts are:
      Astbury Lauren Amy Edith Labour Party Anston and Woodsetts *
      Clarke Phillip John UK Independence Party (UKIP) Anston and Woodsetts
      Foulstone Charles David Green Party Anston and Woodsetts
      Froggatt Bernard UK Independence Party (UKIP) Anston and Woodsetts
      Ireland Jonathan Charles Labour Party Anston and Woodsetts
      Jepson Clive Robert Independent Anston and Woodsetts
      Kavanagh Anthony John The Conservative Party Candidate Anston and Woodsetts
      Sadler Christine Independent Anston and Woodsetts
      Wilson Katherine Labour Party Anston and Woodsetts

      * Councillor in 2012

      In Wales ward Cllr’s Beck,Watson and Whysall were amongst those declared ‘Not Fit For Purpose’

      If you want to see a full list of candidates-http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/elections


  8. M Manship says:

    I feel even though there is a little bit less money to play with this year the council needs to do its best to provide services for the people of the village to the best of its ability. This can be something as small as giving a free room to a voluntary organisation that supports the village in some way to making sure we invest and develop in our current and new resources to optimise their use and availability to the public. It’s also important that if we can no longer provide the services we are open and transparent and consult the public to make them aware of the changes to the services we can provide.


    • christine sadler says:

      would you be referring to the anston day effort miles, of which you are one of the labour gang, yea thought so.


    • mick says:

      I thought political affiliations were not going to be posted in this thread anymore. Anyway why do people keep bringing up party politics with regard to the parish council? Parish councils should be party neutral. So come on Cllrs work together for us and Anston.


    • Watchman says:

      Best comment so far.
      Read and understand it everyone.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m a new comer to your site but for what IV been reading over the past few months it is very nice to see a conservative candedate put up for Anston on there own with no split votes. As someone previously posted on your site it would be very nice to see the views of the private sector.
    The very best of look to the conservative candidate.

    Your faithful Tom


  10. Peter says:

    Very very interesting list for rmbc elections this is going to fun


  11. Peter says:

    Same name as my birth certificate and I totally agree with the Jay report cause trouble no ask questions yes as I am free to do under English law open and transparent in your standing oder s I think


  12. S Thornton says:

    Dear Peter (not your real name is it) YES I did ask Tories to hold their noses and vote UKIP. Why, Because I dont think they will stand by and say nothing whilst children are being raped. There are still RMBC Cllrs who are standing for Election, who were branded “not fit for purpose” or denied the Jay report on Child Sexual Exploitation. My mantra is ABL. (anyone but Labour) As for delivering Leaflets for UKIP, Ill explain yet again (because some people were just born to twist the truth) I delivered leaflets in exchange for a Charitable donation, The donation was given to the Royal British Legion. But You already know this, being a trouble maker seems to come naturally to you. Why do you post under a false name?.


  13. Peter says:

    Last post was not from me very childlike


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