Views sought on Rotherham Council’s budget proposals

People are being asked for their views on how Rotherham Council proposes to save almost £21m from its budget over the next financial year.                                                           A final package of budget cuts, efficiencies, charges and proposals to change how some services are delivered will be formally recommended next month, prior to the council’s budget setting meeting on Wednesday 2 March.                                                           The proposals form part of a three-year forecast which sets out a total funding gap of £48m – additional savings on top of the £117m that the council has had to find over the last five years.

Cllr Chris Read, Leader of the Council, said: “Local people helped us to set out our priorities during the Views from Rotherham consultation last year, and now there is a further chance for people to comment on the detail of these specific proposals, or to contribute other ideas.”                                                                                                                    The council has also indicated it would consider using new central Government rules to increase Council Tax by two per cent – over and above the proposed Council Tax increase set out in the council’s medium term financial strategy – to support increasing cost pressures in adult social care, which would generate £1.7m per year in Rotherham.

To comment please email the Community Engagement Team, or alternatively write to:     Community Engagement                                                                                                    Rotherham Council                                                                                                                 Riverside House                                                                                                                              Main Street                                                                                                                            Rotherham                                                                                                                                          S60 1AE

Please mark your envelope ‘Budget Consultation.’                                                                     The deadline for comments is 5pm on Friday 12 February 2016.

Visit the Budget webpages

Let’s see if the people of Anston can put forward sensible and cost effective ideas to RMBC.

Suggestions can include: Make a commitment to reduce energy, cut carbon emissions saving money for council taxpayers and reducing its carbon footprint.                 Tackle fraud. The National Fraud Authority has estimated that councils
could save £2.2 billion a year by cracking down on fraud and improving
their prevention, detection and recovery of council fraud.                                                        Cut Senior pay. TheLocalism Act allows councillors via Full Council to set local ‘pay policy statements’ to get senior pay and perks (as well as pay offs) under
control. Councils can lead from the top by having their chief executives
take a pay cut. Ministers have taken a 5% pay cut and frozen their pay for
five years. Chief executives and Senior Officers can do the same.





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3 Responses to Views sought on Rotherham Council’s budget proposals

  1. S Thornton says:

    Financially Area Assemblies are a waste of time. The original concept was to engage with the public in order to seek their views. It soon became apparent that the AA were being used as a means of “consulting” with the Public ( we asked the AA, so we can say we have consulted with the public). It is now quite clear that the AA are really only another means of passing RMBC Propaganda to those who attend. On the issues of attendance, It was said in a recent meeting that the attendance at Rother Valley South, was the best in the whole of the RMBC area. says a lot when on average only about 15 attend, and of those people, only 4 or 5 are actual members of the Public. All the rest are RMBC Cllrs Parish Cllrs or others who are of interest groups such as housing panels.
    So its quite obvious that the money being spent has little to do with “Joe Public”, and in actual fact, almost everything done or discussed at the AA is actually covered by RMBC or Parish Councils ( or other Panels/Committees)
    Its just another “sweetner” to some RMBC Cllrs, given to them for Party Loyalty,


  2. S Thornton says:

    I have a wizz bang of an idea. Lets reduce the money allocation to adult services by 2%, then use it somewhere else. Put up the RMBC Council tax by 1.9% ( because if we go over 2% we will have a referendum) then use the new powers to raise the Council tax by another 2%. Hey Ho, 3.9% rise in Council Tax ( avoiding the referendum)
    Lets see if I am anywhere near..


    • A regular reader says:

      Actually they can put it up by 1.99% without triggering a referendum. (… as I understand Sheffield are doing.)
      …and they will be shifting more of current costs onto Parish Council precepts.

      Parish Council precept increases are not subject to the effective 2% cap, and in the case of my parish council, Aston-cum A, rose by 2.98% in 2015 – entirely due to the notified loss of grant from RMBC of £3600 over the following 3 years.
      … … and 3 years prior to this, the Parish Council had had to take on the costs of grounds maintenance (some £24,000pa) previously carried out by RMBC at no cost to the Parish Council.
      In terms of cost savings; does anyone see any value continuing with the Area Assemblies?


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