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2015. A momentous year for followers of national and local politics.                                    The devastating defeat of Ed Miliband and the Labour party in the general election despite predictions he would win. Anston Labour councillors deciding to resign en masse after failing to win the confidence of Rotherham CLP and being tainted with the ‘Not Fit for Purpose‘ remark by Louise Casey and the forced resignation of Jacqui Collins, former Monitoring Officer, because she failed to disclose what she knew about the CSE scandal and refused to investigate claims against Labour councillors.

Is there any good news about Rotherham at all? Hmm…..                                         Rotherham has won the Best Town Centre award 2015. . Which is brilliant news. But we have to wonder why just the High Street is considered to be the Town Centre when there is the Indoor Market   ... Petz - Pet Shops And Supplies in Rotherham S65 1EJ -

and Wellgate for example?  Description Wellgate, Rotherham - - 58745.jpg

Or perhaps not.

Just before winning the award RMBC made the decision to close the council information centre in All Saints Square “To save money“.                                                How to encourage visitors to an award winning town centre. Not.

This blog has had over 31,000 hits since June 2014.  (Which equals 1782 unique hits per month) Thank you to everyone who reads it and contributes.The list of countries where this site is viewed has grown even more than last year and there is not enough space to list them all but a special mention to readers in China,Moldova,Sweden and Turkey. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy the festivities with your loved ones so wherever you are and whoever you are;

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Next update week commencing 4th January 2016.


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  1. S Thornton says:

    I was at the RMBC Council Meeting when they presented the prize to the group of people present. It was obviously a big massive publicity stunt. ( lights camera action ) with the Leader and the Mayor on every picture.
    I nearly choked when I realised what was going on, only the day before I had parked up at the old Tesco site and walked over the bridge towards town. The bridge is a mess, a big mess with graffiti all over the place, and in dire need of repair and painting. on towards the square, rubbish all over the place, the judges must have had their eyes shut. Several shops were boarded up, with for sale or rent signs, and to top it all on the way back to Tesco, by “All Saints” square, was Rotherham`s finest, complete with beer cans, Effing and blinding it for all to hear.
    If Rotherham won, what the hell were the other places like?.


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