Labour Party Tries To Undermine Anston Parish Council Watch.

Reading the agenda for the Anston Parish Council meeting which took place on Wednesday 9th December I was intrigued by Item 16 (iii) and (iv) which was proposed by Councillor Darren Smith: ‘To discuss possible copyright infringement by anstonparishcouncilwatch’. This is a follow-up to his letter to the Clerk to the Council on 18th November in which he claims “The site in question has the APC logo at the centre of its home page. I’m pretty sure this is copyright infringement”.

I’ve got bad news for Cllr.Smith.

Under UK copyright law, if you commission a design agency/IT consultant to design a logo for you, they are deemed to own the copyright in that logo unless there is an agreement to the contrary. You, as the commissioner, would have an implied licence and right to be able to use the logo for your business if you have paid for design of the logo. However, you will not own the intellectual property and copyright in that logo.                                  It is also obvious and plain to see that APCW has the word ‘Watching’ in red letters above  ‘Anston  Parish Council’.                                                                                                (Before this site went ‘live’ advice was sought and taken from an experienced website developer/builder who is well aware of the legalities regarding copyright and content)

Then Item 16 (iv) ‘To discuss legal position regarding councillors uploading statements to anstonparish councilwatch’. Cllr.Smith has “serious reservations as to whether councillors should be making some of the comments they are making on the site”.

More bad news for Cllr.Smith.

Not one comment on this site has ever been signed ‘Cllr. XXXX’.  All comments are posted by private individuals. The fact some of these individuals are councillors is irrelevant, there is nothing to stop any citizen posting a comment on any blog anywhere.                                                                                                                                    Perhaps he should have gone to Specsavers?

I have a very strong suspicion Cllr.Smith is being fed lies false and erroneous information by members of the Labour party who still adhere to their 1960’s Stalinist views on Free speech and Democracy.                                                                                                             The word on the street is that this blog as well as two other local blogs: and gets right up the noses of certain Labour councillors, ex Labour councillors and their supporters. Tough.                                                                                                           They should learn to deal with criticism in a proper manner instead of wasting time and effort by using a new parish councillor to try and undermine free speech and a successful blog.                                                                                                                                                     You will not succeed.

PS. Labour party members and their supporters should re-read this:

Don’t Let Free Speech Die

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16 Responses to Labour Party Tries To Undermine Anston Parish Council Watch.

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  2. Insider. says:

    Back on topic……………
    It should be obvious even to people with limited reading abilities or people who do not have any interest in local politics that this site has no connection with APC otherwise it wouldn’t have ‘Watching’ in big red letters across the logo nor would it be critical of parish councillors.

    I don’t know Cllr.Darren Smith or what his political views are but reading the agenda and his statements I have to say I think he’s fighting a losing battle. He probably doesn’t like what is written and published on this site but it could be argued that rothpol
    and ilovedinnington publish similar articles about the antics of councillors so why isn’t Cllr.Smith complaining about them as well?
    People who are councillors post on these two blogs as private individuals and nobody comments.

    I’m saddened that Cllr.Smith sees his crusade against APCW as a priority when,as I understand it there are far more pressing matters for APC to consider including the budget for 2016.


  3. S Thornton says:

    Tut Tut, “old Bill” trying to make false implications against myself again. Whilst ever the coward “old Bill” hides behind a false name, the views that are expressed lack credence. I note the spelling has improved, it never fooled anyone. Strange, but my recollection is that the last time that the issue of a “logo” was raised at APC, was when it was mentioned by one of the Parish Council Contractors. You remember them, They are the ones that verbally abuse and make threats against Parish Councillors.. It may not be the Labour Party that is trying to undermine the Parish Council after all.


    • mick says:

      Where are the false allegations in old bill’s post? If the moderator has edited the post how do you know? Unless of course you are the moderator, run the gossip site or are in cahoots with the owner.


    • Watchman says:

      If you think this is a ‘gossip site’ you are probably better off posting elsewhere.
      “Watchman” is the moderator and his decision to allow comments is final.The same rules apply to every other blog in case you were not aware.


    • Watchman says:
      When you stop making obtuse and stupid comments they will be published- or your account will be blocked.


  4. vocalyokel says:

    If they are worrying about possible infringements of copyright does that mean all other really important business is well in hand ? have they got a firm grasp of the conversation area regulations that apply to trees yet or is Gazoo still trying to convince himself and anyone who will listen that conservation areas don’t apply to trees or is John Thomas junior still trying to convince everyone it was a resident that felled (sorry Mrs senior administrator I mean pollarded)the tree, what’s the difference anyway ? only Cllr who would have had a clue is long gone.


  5. mick says:

    I do not see how you can make a connection between Cllr Smith and The Labour Party. I know Cllr Smith is not guided by anyone other than himself. As for use of the Anston Parish Council logo, it could be misunderstood by those who are not in the know think that there is a connection between yourselves and APC. A bit misleading. Maybe a disclaimer stating there is not a connection could be useful. Maybe you should learn to deal with criticism in a proper manner. After all you are only a small gossip blog site and in the whole scheme of things quite insignificant.


    • Watchman says:

      There is nothing wrong with this site’s response to fair criticism. As for ‘ you are only a small gossip blog site’-Complete and utter rubbish.
      APCW was partly responsible for the mass resignations of the previous Labour councillors because they would not answer legitimate questions and could not bear close scrutiny of their mishandling of parish business. As for “insignificant”………………….How many other parish blogs have over 30,000 hits spread across the globe?


  6. R. Wilde says:

    As far as I’m aware there is nothing in law that says a Councillor must not participate in discussions on public forums like this one. It has been suggested that Rotherham Labour Party have banned its own Councillors from commenting on here and the other blogs mentioned above, but that is not the same thing, is it? Rotherham Labour Party rules and regulations only apply to the members of Rotherham Labour Party, they are not the law of the land and they do not apply to anyone else. Including non Labour Councillors.

    Regarding copyright, I did notice at the bottom of APCs homepage the words “site content Anston Parish Council © 2015 – website powered by eConcept”, which suggests that APC own the copyright or at least believe they do. But regardless of copyright ownership, the addition of the word “Watching” in big red letters should sufficiently alter APCs logo in a way that would suggest to anyone with a shred of intelligence that what they were reading was not published by APC.


    “Fair dealing – there is no copyright infringement when the use is fair and is for one of a list of specified purposes (for example where it is for the purposes of review and criticism, non-commercial research or private study).”

    I believe this blog and the others mentioned would reasonably fall in the “review and criticism” category.


  7. old bill says:

    cllr smith is asking if apc as given permission for its name & logo to be used by this blog so i understand as the public may feel that post are apcs own veiws how labour comes into it explane is it not a cllr just asking so it looks like the new council still fears the old guard labuor is not ther the new council is and moderated or blocked is not free speech


    • Watchman says:

      You are hard work! IF repeat IF you read what is published APC do not own the logo nor is this blog named Anston Parish Council. I doubt very much the new council ‘fears the old guard’. The previous Labour councillors are a laughing stock because of the mess they left behind.
      Your posts can and will be moderated and/or edited if you do not stick to the subject matter and the same rules apply to anyone else who tries to go off on a tangent.


  8. Watchman says:

    I’m trying very hard to understand the substance of your post when the thread is about unsubtanstiated allegations made by a parish councillor.
    Don’t try raking up old stories that have no relevance otherwise your comments will moderated or blocked.
    Read and understand what the article says before commenting.


    • P Shelly says:

      I Thought this site was set up to give people free speech. You shouldn’t be editing or moderating what people say, it doesn’t matter if people go off topic thats just life it happens in the council from members of the public. People have the right to say how and what they feel about a controversial blog title. Not very democratic guys.


    • Watchman says:

      Free speech and libelling someone are two different things. We have a duty of care to make sure comments do not give cause for legal action and going off topic does not also include verbally abusing another poster.
      “People have the right to say how and what they feel” Yes they do-within the parameters of decency and blog standards.
      Nothing is ever published on this site that gives anyone cause to take legal action and posters are expected and advised to think carefully before posting a comment.


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