How a Rotten Memory Helps-To Forget.

Once again we have the sorry sight of two RMBC Councillors-Jo Burton and Emma Hoddinot this time-pretending all is well with and in Rotherham.                                            November edition of ‘Your Mag’ Page 18. “Reclaim the Streets – Reclaim the Night”    These two stalwarts of the Labour party want people with their families to join them on 14th November at 6:30pm at the Town Hall and stroll round Rotherham until 7:30pm.  Quote: “….so many areas of town will be brightly lit and attractive. Some will not be however………..”                                                                                                                              The Killer Phrase.                                                                                                                     In 2014 former Mayor John Foden said in response to a question from the member of the public at an RMBC Council Meeting, on the question of public safety on the streets in Rotherham, “The streets are perfectly safe, I’d take my wife around Rotherham in the evening”. Did John Foden speak the truth- which was accepted by Burton and Hoddinot without question- OR- was he telling porkies and our two ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ councillors decided to keep quiet?  That’s the trouble when you have a ‘poor’ memory;  You never remember or recall conversations or meetings-or the truth.                                      Perhaps Emma Hoddinot would like us to forget she was Deputy Leader to Paul Lakin-a man who was forced to resign when the CSE scandal overwhelmed RMBC-and yes, she was included in Louise Casey’s ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ remarks and               Jo Burton would absolutely love everyone to forget her years involved in (N0) Child Protection roles in RMBC. She was also classed as ‘Not Fit For Purpose’ at the same time as “I’ve forgotten” Hoddinot.                                                                                              Everyone should be able to walk the streets of our towns and cities at any times of the day or night without fearing for their safety but in the real world of feral gangs, rapists and untrustworthy taxi drivers would YOU let your unaccompanied teenagers walk around Rotherham Town Centre after 8pm during the months October-March?                                                                                                                                         Perhaps Burton and Hoddinot ‘forget’ what John Foden said and they agreed with? Tsk. Rotten memories.



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  1. S Thornton says:

    Allen Russell — I am glad my comments were a help. I urge you to post again, I am afraid that over the years we people here in Anston have been served badly by our Labour Cllrs. A good example of this is the Travellers Site that is due to put at the bottom of Dog Kennel Lane. A large group of residents turned up to a Parish Council Meeting to make an objection to the site. RMBC Cllrs Burton and Dalton were falling over themselves to say they supported the good people of Anston in their objection. They then both went to RMBC and voted with the Labour Party to adopt the “Core Strategy” document, which just happened to contain the plan to have the travellers site situated at Dog Kennel Lane. (stab in the back No1)
    Then more recently RMBC sent out another document with the more specific sites for housing, which again allocated the Dog Kennel site for a Travellers camp. Yep your right, she voted for the plan again ( stab in the back No 2)
    By this time, Cllr Dalton had been replaced by Cllr Taylor, he who lives in Aston, and yes you guessed it, he also voted to have the Travellers site placed at the bottom of Dog Kennel. (well he would, he didn`t want it in Aston, off load it to South Anston)
    (stab in the back No 3)
    What I do not understand is, why do the people of North and South Anston keep blindly voting these people in ?
    They tell you one thing, then tell you to sod off and go and vote as the Party tells them.


  2. Alan Russell says:

    New poster here.
    I’ve been following this blog for about 9 months now and really enjoy reading it and some of the comments.
    I’ve been tempted to write a comment because Mr.Thornton has hit the nail on the head. No one has seen Taylor round Anston since the election but considering he lives in Aston that’s not really surprising is it?
    I seem to remember Jo Burton was on Anston parish council? I read on here and in the ‘Tiser about her and Emma Hoddinot going walkabout in Rotherham town centre after sunset so I have to ask, what benefit did that bring to Anston? What about doing something for us residents instead? The local streets are still full of litter (mainly empty cartons and cans from fast food shops) and the pavements could do with a good clean as well.
    Have you thought of walking through the Windmill estate after dark on your own Ms.Burton? If not,why not? You are one of our borough councillors after all and you’re always going on about what you do for us.
    I was surprised to read she gets £12k a year for being a councillor, she should try getting up at 6 in the morning and working a 10 hour shift to make ends meet.
    Thanks for the blog and I’ll probably post again.


  3. S Thornton says:

    Who is Jo Burton ?. Come to think of it who is Robert Taylor?. A little birdie told me they were the Labour Cllrs who represent the People of North and South Anston and Woodsetts. If so where are they ?. Neither has been seen in and around Anston representing the good people since they were both Elected. I bet If I asked 100 people in Anston who Mr Taylor was, I bet I could make a fortune at the bookies. I think that Cllr Burton`s Election has started, she had a “Bash the Bankers, It was`nt us who crashed the economy” letter in the Advertiser. Of all the people who have read it, everyone has said it not her who has written it. So who did write it ?. She has also had her Picture in the Advertiser to “reclaim the Streets” with the Labour Leaders “ovr arf ” Emma Hoddinott. Just a quick reminder Cllr Burton, when you were elected, you were elected to represent Anston and Woodsetts, not to go Parading around Rotherham on Labour Party publicity stunts.
    £12,000 a year for what? Nothing.


  4. Insider. says:

    I notice Mesdames Burton and Hoddinot are not offering to walk round Eastwood after dark…………………….nor Masborough.
    It’s easy to try and be brave when A) You are part of a large group and B) Bright street lighting and Festive lights give no places to miscreants to hide.
    What do Jo Burton and Emma Hoddinot hope to show or prove after this stunt is over?
    Look at this crime map: to see the number of crimes reported in September in Rotherham and note where the highest number of crimes occur.
    It is a pity neither of these two publicity seekers is campaigning on behalf of the 1400+ abused children who were failed by every council department- and the police -in Rotherham.
    Perhaps Burton’s and Hoddinot’s memories have selectively failed to remember what happened in Rotherham in October 2014?


  5. LEN says:

    Height of stupidity – Jo Burton – you’ve got it mate.


  6. hilary estrada-haigh says:

    Jo Burton ex Deputy to the disgraced Shaun Wright. What did those two do on their watch about seeing the streets were safe at the time of sexual torture and abuse of young children in Rotherham, NOTHING. Yes Jo do as Mick Colman suggests instead of asking for a gang to go round with you..


  7. Mick Colman says:

    I was brought up in what could be described as a rough and tumble urban area of north east England and would have described myself then as what is known these days as “streetwise”, able to go anywhere day or night, alone & fear nothing or no one (except Spuggy Purvis who everyone in their right mind feared). That was then, but now I am apprehensive even taking my wheelie bin on its weekly excursion to the path outside my front gate. Do I live in the town of Rotherham or the City of Sheffield? No thankfully I do not. I live in sleepy old Anston yet I would only go walking the streets of Anston or Dinnington alone and after dark with trepidation. To go for a walk between 6:30 and 7:30 pm in the middle of a large group of people to “prove” that the streets of Rotherham are safe “like we told you so” is the height of stupidity. How about Jo Burton and Emma Hoddinot instead of pretending all is safe and well in Rotherham’s streets, going out separately and alone between 11:30pm and 12:30 am. That will show em eh?


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