Labour Party Trouble Makers

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Some members of the Labour party are full of bitterness because they were either declared ‘Not Fit For Purpose‘ by Louise Casey or they made a complete horlicks of representing residents on Anston Parish Council and decided that 34 complaints against them was too much-even for hypocrites.                                          Local Labour party members including Judy Dalton, Jo Burton and Iain St.John have decided that troublemaking at APC meetings is better use of their time than helping local people who may have more urgent priorities.  The evidence for this is below:

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Hi all
Perhaps we would have more fun going to the council meeting than our Tara meeting??

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Dear friends,
I am forwarding this cutting from the Advertiser to a few of you who might be interested. I attended this meeting, and the behaviour of a number of councillors was truly awful.
I will also be attending on Monday 19th , hopefully there will be a decision on the findings of the standards board.

Best wishes


Judy Dalton

From: Iain StJohn []
Sent: 09 October 2015 18:40
Dear colleagues,
If you could publicise this and say that the Council reconvenes on Monday 19th October at 7.30pm it would be very helpful. I will certainly be there.

Best wishes

(I’ll bet these three ne’er do wells do not realise that the local Labour party leaks like a sieve)  Judy Dalton uses the words ‘truly awful’. Not as “truly awful” as concentrating on ‘diversity’ when you were an RMBC councillor instead of abused children eh Judy? Or delaying the start of a Parish Council meeting so one of your minions could go and collect a missing Labour councillor to make sure Labour had a majority. Or not as “truly awful” as failing to declare a Personal Interest in the Members Register.                                                                                    RMBC councillor Jo Burton was overheard to say at the last APC meeting, when referring to Cllr.Thornton “He’s got some brass neck”. Would this be the same “brass neck” as denying she knew nothing about the vile crimes against young children when she was Senior Adviser to Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services (May 2005 to May 2007) and Vice-Chair of Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel (May 2007 to May 2009) also Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel (May 2007 to May 2009?                                                                    The ex-Leader of RMBC-Paul Lakin-is on record stating “The Senior Advisor had the same information as the Cabinet Member“. Publicly denying you ‘knew nothing‘ won’t wash. Who’s really got a ‘brass neck’ Jo?


Dalton,Burton and St.John have no interests in helping local residents, they are more interested in trying to promote Labour propaganda and denying any knowledge of the CSE scandal.

  • *As a result of further information and clarification I want to make it clear that Barry Holloway has no interests in or connections with the Labour party nor with Anston Parish Council. My apologies if I’ve caused him any embarrassment.            It seems that Dalton and Burton tried to impose themselves on Greenlands TARA but to his credit Barry Holloway refuses to let councillors attend TARA meetings.    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • * Update *  
  • APC meeting on Monday 19th October.
  • Chairman of the Council Clive Jepson is ill so Vice-Chairman Stuart Thornton took the Chair.
    Politely he greeted members of the public to the meeting and started to go through the Agenda. Amongst members of the public were failed ex-councillors Dalton and Brindley and ex APC councillor Burton. (Who is also a Borough Councillor). Joining them were Mr.& Mrs.Thomas and Mrs.Reyonolds.
    Item d) ‘Allow one question per elector of the civil parish of Anston on a topic for which the parish council has responsibility’. Up jumps Mrs. Reynolds-in full rant mode-wanting to know why Cllr.Thornton has not been suspended/dismissed/hung drawn and quarted. Mrs.Thomas also joined in, grumbling loudly during this verbal onslaught. Councillor Thornton showed a great deal of patience and said he would be addressing the subject of RMBC’s Standards Board finding later in the evening. A couple of other questions followed relating to other matters and………. Quelle Surprise!
    Up jumps Mrs.Reynolds again in full turbocharged rage trying to take over the meeting and refusing the Chairman’s requests to sit down. The meeting was suspended at this point. During the subsequent 10 minutes or so following this the Gruesome Twosome (Reynolds and Thomas) went into a conspiritorial huddle with Dalton,Brindley and Burton and Councillor Jonathan Ireland was also spotted heading in their general direction. The meeting resumed and before council business could be discussed Reynolds,Thomas and Brindley started up again. Their sole intentions were to disrupt the meeting and Joyce Brindley was overheard saying “You used to do it to us”.
    The difference this time is that these troublemakers are politically motivated whereas previously disruptions were the sole responsibility of the Labour councillors who refused to follow correct procedures, refused to answer legitimate questions from members of the public and could not answer simple questions about the budget.
    The meeting was closed at 8pm and at this point Mrs.Reynolds snatched a copy of the agenda from another female resident and kept pointing to Item d) while loudly insisting she was right and everyone else was wrong. Mrs. Brindley also verbally abused this lady and accused her of not supporting the previous Labour dominated council.
    Is there a possibility that Mrs.Reynolds is perhaps slightly mentally unbalanced? She is (or was) a Magistrate. Whatever happened to neutrality?
    The evidence from last night is that Mrs.Thomas and Mrs.Brindley are also vindictive harridans firing bullets for the Labour losers.
  • Something for the troublemakers to consider:                                                                Meetings of the Parish Council are not public meetings but members of the public have a statutory right to attend meetings of the council as observers.         They have no legal right to speak unless the Parish Council Chairman authorises them to do so. (You would think failed councillors know this)             APC Standing Orders: 95-…...’Generally (Operative word) time will be allocated at each meeting in order to allow the public to speak. At the start of the meeting a maximum of 20 minutes will be allocated for electors of the Civil Parish of Anston ……….to put questions. An elector will be permitted to ask one question only and may speak for no more than two minutes.’                           (It is a concession granted by the Chairman but it is not mandatory)                            However as Labour party supporters are intent on disrupting the business of the council it is up to the Chairman and Councillors to decide on the best course of action to ensure these rowdy people do not frustrate council business.
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  1. S Thornton says:

    For the record
    At the last Council meeting I had to stand in for the Chairman who was ill. I opened the Public Session, and in turn, asked if there were any questions from the Public. Mr Thomas and Mrs Wallhead were the only two people who raised their hands to speak.
    Mr Thomas`s question was forwarded to the Charity, and after some clarification Mrs Wallhead was given an answer to her question. It was at this time that Mrs Reynolds walked into the room (approx 19:10 hrs) Mrs Reynolds then began to remove her coat and then sat down. She said nothing at this point in time, however I did observe her pointing a camera directly at me, the light was shining straight into my eyes.
    By this time the Public session had finished.
    All of a sudden she stood up and said she had a question, I told her we had already moved on. At this point she seemed to become very agitated, she move forward a couple of paces, and began raising her voice and shouting she “had a question”. I asked her to sit down, she then became more louder and despite my requests, she refused to listen. I clearly warned Mrs Reynolds, 3 times, to sit down and stop disrupting the meeting. She refused to do so.
    I suspended the meeting for 5 minutes to “allow Mrs Reynolds to reflect on her behaviour”.
    After 5 or so minutes I reopened the meeting. Mrs Reynolds “piled in” again and began to insist she ask her question. It was quite clear to all present, (both Councillors and the Public) that Mrs Reynolds was hell bent on disrupting the meeting. I again warned Mrs Reynolds that she should stop, otherwise I would ask her to leave the meeting, Again Mrs Reynolds totally ignored my request and carried on her “quest” to be disruptive.
    I suspended the meeting again, to allow Mrs Reynolds to yet again, reflect on her actions.
    At this point several comments were heard from the audience, probably the comments from Mrs Brindley and RMBC Cllr Burton as alluded to above.
    Because it was quite clear that Mrs Reynolds was on a “mission” to disrupt the meeting I agreed with the clerk I would move as soon as I was able, to item 7, in order that we could clear the finances in order that people could be paid for work done.
    I opened the meeting again, after a short pause, Mrs Reynolds again began to speak about her question and in general disrupt the meeting. I again warned Mrs Reynolds that if she did not stop I would ask her to leave the meeting.
    At this, Mrs Thomas who was sat next to her, shouted out “let her ask her question”. I also asked Mrs Thomas to be quiet. At this she replied she would not, and began to speak again.
    It was at this point I closed the Council Meeting.
    It was evident from the off, that Mrs Reynolds was not going to comply with any request I made, and with the intervention of Mrs Thomas, it was also evident that they were disrupting Council Business as a deliberate act.
    That is my version of events. However the whole meeting was filmed, so Members of the Public can judge for themselves.

    Cllr Stuart Thornton


  2. Jonny says:

    Hi guys
    Been away for a while but managed to locate you again as love dinnington seems to have gone quite once the damage was done.
    Mick Coleman you speak of gagging old councilors perhaps if we gagged you it would keep your dummy in at meetings.
    Oh and how strange that most new councilors seem to go against rmbc standards board or should I say new councilors that live on the oval as there were 3 councilors co-opted from the oval and 1 existing, must have been a lovely conversation whilst cutting the green sorry I mean the lawn lol.
    Oh and Mrs Saddler how the tables turn when you swap seats

    Love Jonny


    • Watchman says:

      I allowed your comment because everyone has a right to a point of view, what you don’t have is the right to abuse other posters.
      Your comment offers nothing constructive. Perhaps you can give valid reasons-not excuses-why APC should not have its own CoC in common with Ravenfield PC and about 20 other parish councils in the Rotherham borough.
      You seem so sure of yourself that you’ve tried to hide your IP address and used a pseudonym (a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity)
      What are you afraid of? You do not have the courage of your convictions I suspect.


    • Mick Colman says:

      Jonny, when I said, “Why can’t labour puppets come on here under an alias”, (despite my abhorrence of people who demand “openness” from the Council yet don’t practice what they preach), I hoped that someone would oblige, however I would have expected a better post than this. At first I thought it must be a Councillor, but there again I would have expected a Councillor to have the minimum requirement of half a brain cell which you seem to lack. Please allow me to educate you in a few things as your post is corrupt. “love dinnington” should actually be “” and would you care to elaborate on exactly the damage is that has done? As far as I am aware a Mick Coleman has never posted on this website. Mick Colman has though but he never called ex Councillors “old”. I am sure ex Councillors Dalton, Burton & Brindley will have crossed you off their Christmas card list for saying that they are old. I must agree with your description of Mr St.John though, It’s time he was put out to grass. Throw my dummy out? I am a Councillor with less than 4 months experience & yes I did get a bit agitated at the last two meetings, can anyone honestly blame me? What was the mob in the audience & Cllr. Ireland seniors excuse? “rmbc”, oh, you mean RMBC? Why do you think it strange that “most new Councillors seem to go against RMBC Standards Board” then (strangely) go on to say that you meant the ones living on the oval? Surely you mean “The Oval?” and for your information there were ELEVEN new Councillors out of which THREE lived on The Oval, now there are only TWO out of TEN as one had the sense to walk away. For your further information, I don’t live near enough to The Green to cut the grass & I actually don’t have any grass at the front of my house, my wife waters the shrubs. Mrs Saddler is Councillor Sadler & the last time I looked Councillor Sadler was sitting at her usual seat. Finally a word of advice. Have you heard the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”? What it means is that although you may possibly be younger and have better health & fitness to enable you to run me through with your sword, don’t attempt to take me on in writing because I will wipe the floor with you. Every time. Have a nice day.


    • Mick Colman says:

      Dear Jonny, I almost forgot one of the things that I meant to teach you in my last lesson. I am afraid it is another spelling lesson. The members of a Council are called COUNCILLORS. You can learn this as homework. Now be a good lad and drink your milk.


  3. Veritas. says:

    It is a sad reflection on former APC Labour councillors and their deluded supporters that they still persist on their vendetta against Cllr.Thornton. With their attitude is it any wonder that the former Monitoring Officer threatened to abolish APC and residents lost all confidence in their (limited) abilities to conduct the affairs of the parish in a proper manner?
    Watching the antics of Mrs.Reynolds and hearing her demented rants coupled with the disruptive rabble that supported her in her attacks on Mr.Thornton it is not surprising that the meeting was closed. Councillor Thornton has got the patience of Job IMV considering the rude and offensive comments made by grown people with no manners and their attempts to disrupt APC and prevent councillors from discussing and debating the agenda which impacts on the future of everyone in Anston.
    I’m still trying to understand the point Councillor Jonathan Ireland was trying to make, maybe its me but I observed the public session degenerating into a noisy free-for-all and Councillor Thornton acted within the rules of debate by addressing the next agenda item.
    I fear for the future of Anston if Dalton,Burton,Brindley,Reynolds and Thomas have any influences on the younger generation,their disgraceful behaviour brings shame on Anston and APC.


  4. hilary estrada-haigh says:

    Beck now in charge of a review to make changes to the Standards Committee and the way it works!
    How does THAT work? The fox is in the coop. – He showed no standards whilst at APC, quite the opposite and his performance at RMBC obviously abysmal. Are they all still asleep at RMBC, can’t they feel the tail wagging the dog?
    Wake up one and all, this is our money they are squandering once more, giving this under educated person yet another job above his weight.


  5. S Thornton says:

    The reason the Labour Party Members at Anston signed up the the RMBC Code of Conduct, was because they had been protected in the past and would be protected in the future. Anyone in the know at Anston will tell you that no complaint against Labour Cllrs both RMBC and Parish, will be put before a hearing panel. The now Ex Labour Cllrs Dalton, and St John were “teflon Coated”, as is the current Standards Committee Chairman Cllr Beck. At an Annual Council meeting, Beck moved a motion to remove me from all committees ( yes they have tried it before) remove me from all out side bodies and to censure me, all based on trumped up charges ( there was no investigation on anything, nor did he go through any process). He decided he would be the judge and jury. He used the RMBC Code of Conduct to do this. Strange because at the time he was a Member of the Standards Committee. He carried out a RMBC Code of Conduct procedure separate to the official Committee.
    I made a complaint to the Standards Committee (ie Mrs Collins, the now Ex Monitoring officer) that this was part of the ongoing bullying by the Labour Party. I complained that he was bullying me and had also abused his position of Chairman to obtain legal advice against me without authorisation of the Parish Council. Altogether I made seven complaints involving his actions.
    True to form Mrs Collins refused to investigate an allegation of Bullying against a Labour Cllr who just happened to sit on the Standards Committee.
    I had a meeting with Mrs Collins, Mr Roper-Newman ( the Independent Person) and also present was my Solicitor. Mrs Collins refused to even recognise my complaint of Bullying. when asked to define “Bullying” by my Solicitor, she just sat there and refused to answer, in turn Mr R-N was asked the same question, he COULD NOT define what “Bullying” was. You will remember BOTH these persons were sitting in judgement of Cllrs. The out come was Cllr Beck did not face any “investigation”. At a subsequent RMBC Council meeting, I asked the Chair of the Standards Committee to define “Bullying” ( he should have known, he sat in judgement of others.) Surprise, he read from a piece of paper, which clearly had been written by Mrs Collins. He also could or would not define “Bullying”
    Now the best bit, I was put under investigation for an “so called” assault. (The complaint was made by three Labour Cllrs who admitted they had not seen the “assault). Suprise, suprise I was found guilty, But on top of that, the Hearing Panel lead by Cllr Simms, then ADDED an extra two complaints of Bullying and being aggressive.
    So there you have justice RMBC style.
    The Monitoring refuses to hear an accusation against a Member of the Standards Committee, Cannot define the issue of Bullying as under the RMBC Code of Conduct, yet then goes ahead and charges a Councillor of Bullying
    Why have I given you this information ? Cllr Beck, who was deemed “not fit for purpose” and who had to resign from the RMBC Cabinet, is now Chair of the Standards Committee. But it gets better, he is now also in charge of a review to make changes to the Standards Committee and the way it works. La La land does not come in to it.
    Just place a freedom of information request in, to ask how many complaints against him were made, whilst he was Chairman of Anston Parish Council. and ask also how many were investigated. ( the answer to the second question is, NIL)
    Justice RMBC Style La La La Land.


  6. Insider. says:

    When a councillor signs his/her Declaration of Acceptance they do not sign up to a Code of Conduct. What they sign is an agreement to abide by the Nolan Principles which is not the same thing as a CoC.
    The previous Labour controlled APC agreed to accept RMBC’s CoC simply because they did not have the intelligence or knowledge to write their own. It was the easy option for them.
    There are numerous Parish Councils within Rotherham Borough who have adopted their own Code of Conduct and manage their affairs to a high standard of behaviour.
    With Dominic Beck-aka The Boy Blunder-chairing RMBC’s Standards Committee it can be safely said that if a councillor is not a member of the Labour party he/she will never get a fair hearing if they are accused of not adhering to the Code of Conduct.
    It is time APC adopted its own Code of Conduct and only if the Chairman and/or councillors cannot agree on sanctions should RMBC be involved.
    I’ve read tonight’s agenda on-line and noticed the hysterical letter from Mrs.June Thomas which contains factual errors about the precept. If she got that wrong what else has she got wrong?
    The other letter is from Judith Reynolds where she omits to mention her membership of the Labour party.
    It is plain to see that opponents of the current Anston PC are colluding to try and make life difficult for the Independent councillors.


  7. S Thornton says:

    Ex Cllr St John lied in his statement to the Standards Committee. I made this known to the Investigating Officer, No action was taken to even verify this accusation. Despite there being over 30 odd people present, no “independent” witness was interviewed. The Investigating Officer, deemed it not required. The only “witness” was Ex Cllr St John himself.
    Ex Cllr Dalton lied in her statement to the Standards Committee. Yet again no action was even considered to verify this. Yet again there were 10 witnesses to the event, Three RMBC Cllrs, who were also Parish Councillors, 5 other Parish Councillors, and two Members of the Public. Again no “Independent” witnesses were approached, the Investigating Officer thought it not required. So again the only witness was Ex Cllr Dalton.
    Ex Cllr Dalton stated at that meeting that the Dinnington Childrens Centre`s would be remaining open. Strange really, because the RMBC Cabinet were not due to announce it until the following day. Ex Cllr Dalton made Public, confidential information, in a meeting, where 5 of the Parish Councillors were not supposed to be privy to such information, AND she disclosed the Information in front of two members of the Public. Just to clarify, I am not a member of RMBC, therefore I am not subject to their Confidential information.
    So there you have it, Ex Cllr Dalton reveals the Confidential Information, yet I end up in front of the Standards Committee, work that one out.
    As for Cllr John Irelands Involvement, well thats a whole different story, one I shall be only too pleased to share shortly.
    I have been subjected to continual “investigation” now for nearly two years. I am the only Cllr in the whole of Rotherham who has been subjected to Standards Hearings. (remember all the CSE, not one RMBC Cllr investigated) I have been subjected now to THREE Hearing Panels. Not one true independent witness has been forwarded or interviewed. Not one of my Potential witnesses have ever been approached to make their views known or interviewed. All the complaints came from Labour Councillors. Some of you may now understand why I refuse to attend the “kangaroo Courts” that is the Standards Committee.
    I assure readers there is more yet to come, these are just the highlights.

    Cllr Stuart Thornton


  8. Veritas. says:

    Iain St.John went crying to the previous Monitoring Officer that Cllr.Thornton had called him ‘corrupt’. Perhaps Mr.St.John-or one of his cronies- can explain which of the following meanings of the word he complained about?

    Failed ex-councillor Judy Dalton, when acting as Vice Chair of APC helped to push through a grant (aka ‘Gift’) of £500 to the new Skateboard committee. She failed to mention she was a member the skateboard committee and should have declared an interest. That’s twice in recent memory JD has “forgotten” to declare an interest in organisations she is/was involved in.
    How ‘Truly awful’ of her.

    The courts have established that because of the fundamental importance of freedom of political expression any political expression should avoid being just an expression of personal anger or abuse towards someone since insults and abuse do not normally qualify for the protection of Article 10.
    I remember vividly ISJ using insulting and abusive words to Independent councillors and members of the public and the (now ex) Monitoring Officer dismissed complaints against ISJ as ‘tit for tat’. Luckily for Anston and its residents Jacqui Collins is history (Another RMBC ‘failure’)
    Councillor Thornton has never resorted to verbal abuse or insults in spite of extreme provocation and unlike his Labour opponents he is not given to hysterical outbursts. I have been a regular attendee at APC meetings for many years and I’ve seen and heard the venom spouted by JD and ISJ.
    The Labour party in general and Anston Labour councillors (and Labour ex councillors) in particular have got enough problems of their own without parading their ignorance and petty grievances in public.
    Councillor Colman’s last two comments sum up the situation perfectly IMV.


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