Theft of council laptop with names and addresses of abused girls kept secret from Rotherham victims

The theft of a laptop containing the names and addresses of Rotherham child abuse victims was kept secret from those affected by council and police bosses, The Star can reveal.

Twenty-one laptops were stolen from Rotherham Council’s Norfolk House offices on the night of October 26, 2011 – with no signs of a break-in.

Emails reveal how Rotherham Council bosses ‘covered up’ laptop theft details

Rotherham Council bosses decided to keep secret details of laptop thefts from their offices – despite being aware that ‘significant amounts of confidential information’ relating to a child abuse investigation and young people in care had been lost.

New information has now been made public about the theft of 21 laptops taken from the council’s Norfolk House offices on the night of October 26, 2011, by someone with apparent access to the building.

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Jahangir Akhtar chaired the meeting that decided not to report the loss to the Information Commissioner. Akhtar was appointed as Deputy Leader of RMBC until forced to resign.  There are people who are still Labour councillors who knew what was happening but turned a blind eye and are still in denial.                                               Labour councillors who preferred to protect Rotherham’s ‘Diversity’ instead of protecting vulnerable young children. But it’s all made worse because it now seems that for over ten years those charged with protecting children and young people failed.  In fact worst of all, they decided to look the other way.                                                           They made a choice; protect children in the face of overwhelming evidence of sexual abuse and cruelty or worry more about a misconceived notion of “cultural sensitivities”, as if there is any culture where rape is acceptable.                                                They chose the latter.



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2 Responses to Theft of council laptop with names and addresses of abused girls kept secret from Rotherham victims

  1. S Thornton says:

    strange that someone can walk into an office (walk, because there was no sign of a break in) take the laptops and leave and not leave a trace. The individual must have had access to the keys, and to have possession of the keys means that the individual was either an employee or someone with a connection to RMBC. When the committee/meeting took place to decide not to release the information, was not any mention made to as to “who dun it”?. Someone is covering up what happened, time to start looking for a motive and who would gain from that motive.


  2. Insider says:

    One of the other worrying aspects of this story is that South Yorkshire Police do not seem to have published any documents to show what inquiries were made and whether any person or persons were suspected of involvement in either the theft of the laptops or why RMBC Labour councillors decided to keep quiet about the theft and loss of sensitive information.
    It should not come as a surprise that Labour councillors kept this information from the public, after all they tried to cover up the abuse of 1400 young children as well and we now know SYP knew about CSE in Rotherham and did nothing about that either.
    All because a few councillors-led by Jahangir Akhtar-played the ‘race card’ everytime they were asked pertinent questions.
    I won’t hold my breath waiting for Corbyn to suspend and/or discipline the guilty ones.


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