A Concerned Resident

  • UPDATE: The author (HEH) has asked me to correct the headline which I am happy to do.

This post is contributed by Mrs.Hilary Estrada-Haigh and represents her views on APC and the groundworkers employed by the Parish Council.

When it is issued by Anston Parish Council Office
When it is Anston Village Green..!

Following the latest decimation of Anston Village Green – South Side, by APC groundworkers, a visit was made by 2 parish councillors.
Photos and measurements were taken of this destruction with the conclusion that this decimation was deliberate.
6/08/15 – First decimation

Pic 1 the green

10/09/15 – Second decimation

Pic 2 the green

One councillor has been attempting, for some time, to put the welfare of animals and herbage i.e. their food source as a priority for management of the Green. Now the groundworkers have laid waste once more to this precious conservation space disregarding all responsibility to wildlife’s entitlement to life.

Is it coincidental I wonder that the 3 hedgehogs I have been feeding to fatten for their hibernation over winter, have not appeared since the indiscriminate strimming of the green by the groundworkers on Thursday 10 September 2015?


On a visit to the parish office I asked the Senior Administrator, Mrs S. Morely, if the groundworkers were given schedules of work. She replied in the affirmative. I asked what format these were in, eventually the reply was Oh! They are blank, they fill them in themselves! It became obvious that no-one checks what has been done and that information given back to the parish office was questionable.
In fact the groundworkers are deliberately ignoring a resolution passed by the Parish Council

You may now be gathering an inkling of the workings of the parish office and most parish councillors have been sitting back and allowing workers to please themselves. This is what we, the parishioners are paying for.

Hilary Estrada-Haigh


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3 Responses to A Concerned Resident

  1. Mick Colman says:

    I suppose technically this is not a resolution as more information was requested to be presented at a future Council meeting (why this was deemed necessary is beyond me as my eyes, tape measure and the camera lens do not lie), but the message (and instruction) was loud and clear.This is the relevant section from the minutes:- ” (Cllr ******) –request to leave edges of Anston Village Green uncut, to promote wildlife. Cllr ****** was asked to email the Clerk with exact details of what was being proposed. In the meanwhile the Clerk was asked to instruct staff to leave an additional 1.5m strip of land abutting the hall wall uncut. Laminated signs to be placed
    near the area to inform residents/visitors as to why the area is being left as it is. The
    matter to be brought back to Council once Cllr ****** has supplied the relevant
    information.” If an employee working for a private company received a clear instruction like this one and not only ignored it but then proceeded to deliberately vandalise his place of work he would be…..well I will leave the reader to decide on the end of this comment. Why do I get the distinct impression that the tail is wagging the dog?


  2. george says:

    What is the resolution made by the parish council?


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