Collins leaves through the Exit Door

Politically biased Jacqui Collins-Former Monitoring Officer-has finally left RMBC for pastures new.                                                                                                                                  When the Commissioners first took office they said RMBC needed a new Chief Executive,a new Finance Officer and a new Monitoring Officer. Given that it is impossible for Ms.Collins not to have had any knowledge of the CSE scandal (which she always denied)  it is no surprise she has left to spend more time with her pension pot. Her inability to deal effectively with complaints against non Labour councillors and her failure to sort out the chaos created by the previous Labour administration at Anston Parish Council are testaments to her failures as the former Head of Legal and Democratic Services for RMBC.  She also claimed she had no influence on the Standards Board but as the Head of Department she had oversight and knowledge of every decision they made and it is public knowledge she insisted on seeing letters-‘For guidance and comments’- before they were sent to Independent councillors and other non Labour councillors who were the subjects of complaints. So much for the independence of the Standards Board.                                       Which incidentally is now chaired by Chucker-Out-Of-Pensioners-and former Chairman of APC Dominic Beck. The Boy Blunder.

Was Collins pushed or did she jump? We will know soon enough. It is my understanding there are more revelations about the inner workings of RMBC which will be uncovered in the weeks and months to come.

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  1. S Thornton says:

    There may well be further information coming shortly. I am firmly of the opinion she jumped before she was exposed for what she has been doing or not doing in relation to complaints at Anston Parish Council.


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