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The number of people who have signed the petition objecting to Tesco’s planned store at the Cutler pub is 2500+. The petition was delivered to RMBC yesterday (Wednesday 8th July) for consideration by the Planning Board.                                                                          Normally a petition counts as one objection but in this instance because objectors added their addresses to the petition the Planning Board will give full weight to the petition and that means every objection – on-line and on the petition -will be counted as separate objections to the proposed store and ATM.                                                                This is good news for the residents of Anston and the petition organisers.

At the Anston Parish Council meeting yesterday evening several concerned residents voiced their objections to the Tesco store and the Parish Council Chairman-Cllr.Ivan Jepson-indicated he will try to arrange a site meeting with the Planning Board so the concerns about traffic,the entrance and exit and the inherently dangerous junction can be seen and considered before any decisions are made.  The Parish Council voted overwhelmingly to reject the plan.                                                                                                    18 months ago the original planning application for the Cutler was for a dining room extension only, this was quietly dropped and forgotten.                                                       Until three weeks ago when without warning an A4 sheet of paper was found taped to a lampost announcing Tesco’s plan for a store at the Cutler.                                                    How sneaky can you be?                                                                                                             Tesco has not produced any evidence that shows any demands for another shop in Anston nor have they organised any meetings with residents to defend their contentious proposal.

On a related note Cllr.Jepson said his enquiries to discover the true ownership of the Cutler had drawn a blank.                                                                                                              Why would the owners hide ownership of this pub unless A) It is a tax dodge and/or      B) They sold out to Tesco for a large wad of cash without being honest enough to inform local residents what is really going to happen on this site?

It is interesting to note the three Labour Borough Councillors- Beck, Burton and Taylor- have not uttered a word against the plan to add a Tesco store next to the Cutler.                                                                                                                                                     So much for ‘protecting the community’.

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2 Responses to Petitions and RMBC

  1. Insider says:

    There is definitely something sneaky going on at the Cutler site.
    The pub has been closed for a week and there are no signs a new landlord/landlady will be appointed to re-open it. (I hope I’m wrong)
    Tesco has done everything it can to alienate the local residents over building the proposed new store. It is a lesson in How Not To Influence and Befriend A Community and Ignore Local Opinions.
    RMBC’s development plans include destroying Anston’s village identity by allowing housebuilding on our greenbelt and encouraging companies to relocate to Anston.
    There is no justification or demand for another Tesco store in Anston.


    • Watchman says:

      I understand the Cutler is reopening on Thursday 16th July under new management (Again)
      Tesco has not even had the courtesy to contact Anston Parish Council to discuss the new store or to arrange a public meeting which, under the circumstances an honourable and community minded company would do.


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