Anston Dumped on-Again.

UPDATE*                                                                                                                                         Tesco have renewed their application to build a mini market attached to the Cutler pub. This proposal was rejected by APC last year and Tesco decided not to go ahead because of their perilous financial situation at that time.                                                                             The planning application can be found by clicking on the ‘Download now’ button.                                                                                      3rd item on the list.  The application number is RB 2015/0777                                              Tesco’s application also includes a proposal for an ATM on the site.

Anyone familiar with the junction between  Woodsetts Rd. Nursery Rd. and Quarry Lane will know how much traffic passes this busy junction. Picture the resulting chaos if the plan is approved and extra cars, vans and trucks try to get in and out of the entrance on Woodsetts Road and with an ATM people will be driving in and out at all hours.                     Tesco has not consulted with local residents, they have not put forward any evidence to show demands for another shop in the area and they have dismissed the unsuitability of the entrance/exit. Why does Tesco need another store in Anston when their supermarket on Undergate Rd. in Dinnington is less than 2 miles away?                                                           The local and well established businesses on Quarry Lane and Nursery Rd.could be under threat if this plan is approved by RMBC. Anston Parish Council will reject this application and several local businesses have petition forms against Tesco’s plan for local people to sign which will be forwarded to RMBC.                                                                                                  It seems the Brewery and Tesco have done a deal but…….If the Cutler pub is not financially viable then why not build apartments on the land? There plenty of room for parking spaces and RMBC should consider there is a bigger demand for homes in Anston than  shops.                                                                                                                                                   The pub site is unsuitable for a Tesco outlet.                                                                         Anston village is not a dumping ground for retailers.

Make the effort to sign the petition or comment on-line to RMBC.

* Almost 2000 people have signed the petition to-date and Independent Borough Councillor Clive Jepson-who is also the Chairman of Anston Parish Council-has lent his name to the fight to stop Tesco.                                                                                                         It is noticeable that Labour councillor’s Burton and Taylor have not uttered a single word against this proposal. What happened to their pre-election pledges to serve the interests of Anston residents and protect our village?                                                              Like all previous Labour pledges and promises they were abandoned once this gruesome twosome were elected.                                                                                                                         I have since learned that a petition- despite the number of names on it -counts as one objection therefore it is in all our interests for as many people as possible to log onto RMBC’s website and register their objections to Tesco’s proposal.

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2 Responses to Anston Dumped on-Again.

  1. S Thornton says:

    The initial planning application was for an extension for a dining area. I have made an objection on traffic grounds.


  2. Insider says:

    If I remember correctly wasn’t there an article in one of the local papers denying Tesco had plans to build on this site?
    The initial planning application went through several modifications to comply with planning regs and to pacify residents in adjoining properties but the amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic which will be generated if the store is built will probably make their lives unbearable.
    Tesco’s main store in Dinnington is already seeing the number of customers dwindling because a lot of them now use the Aldi store, how much more business do they want Tesco Dinnington to lose?
    I agree, the Cutler pub site is not suitable for another shop and if the planners at RMBC approve it then they will show their true intentions to kill the village of Anston.


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