An Uphill Task

Just for a change let’s look at what is going on with ‘Big Brother’ aka Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.  The Council which collects your council tax and often overides local parish and town council’s recommendations in planning matters.             RMBC is still in a mess, the five Commissioners who were appointed to sort it out, rebuild it and make sure the culture of passing the buck and ignoring problems never happens again face a herculean task because most of the people who contributed to Rotherham’s downfall (including Beck, Read, Hoddinot and Watson) are still there but in different roles.                                                                                                         Trying to get these ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ failures with their equally unfit Labour colleagues to adopt and accept concepts such as Good Governance, Integrity and Collaboration could be likened to asking a leopard to change its spots.                              What must all those who were failed by the previous council think and feel when they saw the people of Rotherham had re-elected councillors who were so heavily criticised by Louise Casey in her report?

One glimmer of hope is the proposal by the reformed Licensing Board (which was a complete failure under ex Cllr.Dalton) that Private Hire vehicles must have, as part of the changes to the Private Hire trade, CCTV fitted. As expected a majority of Asian drivers are against the idea and when you consider the role some of them played in ferrying young girls about for the purposes of prostitution their reactions are predictable. What they fail to comprehend is that in-cab CCTV will also stop false allegations against them of inappropriate behaviour.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is widely seen as a failure, the town centre is shabby and areas like Eastwood are monuments to Labour’s control of the council over many years                                                                                                                                            A council that is more concerned with its image instead of being concerned with proper governance and the welfare of its residents.





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