All Quiet on the Anston Front.

After a decade or more of fierce verbal battles, loud noises and threats from Labour councilors and undemocratic parish meetings the forces of the Independents aided by the will of the residents achieved victory when Labour councillors surrendered and ran away preferring not to regroup to fight the Battle of The Elections.                              Now the Independents are in control of Anston Parish Council they are faced with the accumulated debris of mismanagement and lack of proper financial controls which occured under Labour’s tenure of APC.                                                                         The last three meetings of the parish council have focused on putting in place stringent financial controls, ensuring the residents of Anston will get Value for their Money, encouraging the Anston Festival Day volunteer group to seek outside funding to help with  the costs of the event-(whereas ex-Labour Cllr. Dalton gave £2000 of our money without making sure there would be some returns to benefit the parish) – and preparing plans for the 2016/2017 budget.                                                                                            Parish meetings are no longer the battleground of previous years between the undemocratic forces of the discredited Labour party and Independent councillors allied with concerned residents who yearned for Democracy, Openess and Transparency. Parish meetings are now held in an atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation and are by comparison very quiet.                                                                                                            The battle is over, let us work together to make all Anston residents proud of their village and to give our children and our children’s children a better place to live and work.    Their future is in our hands and the efforts we make today will bring rewards tomorrow.


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3 Responses to All Quiet on the Anston Front.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You mention £2000 of parish money giving little return. I think the 3000 people (30% of the residents of anston) who attended and had a great day would find £2000 (22 pence per capita) would say it was excellent value.


    • Anonymous says:

      Didn’t proof read my last. Please disregard ‘would say it was’. Thanks. Will do better next time.


    • Watchman says:

      When I wrote there was no return for the parish I meant monetary return. APC is not a charity and cannot continue to hand over £2k of other people’s money every year as a gift.I agree people who attend have an enjoyable day so perhaps the council should start to think of ways to get some or all of the money back
      Welcome to Anston Parish Council Watch and thanks for your post.


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