How a proper Parish Council works.

Village life is a wonderful thing, something to be appreciated and preserved.

Anston Parish Council is committed to preserving the heritage of our village and preparing it for the future. For the residents of Anston and visitors alike, Anston Parish Council is keen to help everyone keep in touch with activities in the village, and the services it offers.

This website helps maintain that process by giving you the information you need about your parish council and events to be announced.                   Find out what’s happening and read about what’s happened.                                                The Independent group of Anston councillors will continue to manage the Parish Council’s budget and reserves in a responsible manner and for the benefit of Anston residents.

Can the Parish Council help?
The Clerk and Councillors can provide a wide range of advice and if not able to deal with your enquiry personally, can often help you to find the right organisation to deal with your problem or queries.

Did you know that Anston Parish Council is empowered to give grants to some local organisations and individuals?

What are the hallmarks of a good council?
Imaginative agendas, encouragement of open debate and getting people involved are the hallmarks of an achieving council. APC is committed to a set of standards, for example:-
* Meetings must be in public and agendas published.
* There will be rules of business conduct, finance and personal conduct of Councillors.
* Communication and consultation policies will be in place.
* Forward planning and budgeting of future projects will be a regular feature of meetings and dealings with the community.
* The Council will work in harmony with other groups in the Parish.

The Parish Clerk
The role of the Clerk is to administer the Council’s business and advise on the work the Council wants to do. The Clerk is often the first point of contact for the Council. You can expect a timely and friendly response.

Should I get Involved?
Most people care about where they live, the quality of the local environment and the small things that we take for granted but are important for a balanced, high quality lifestyle.
Getting involved helps your local council to know what you feel and need.
Anston Parish Council wants you take an interest and ask questions about the things that matter most.                                                                                                                                 It’s helpful to attend council meetings where there is a ‘public participation’ item on the agenda. It is your opportunity to put forward your views, ideas and suggestions to the parish council.

The more effort that is put in to create a sense of community, the greater the gain for the village as a whole.   



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