Happy Birthday to Us!

Just a year ago Anston Parish Council Watch was launched to expose the ineptitude, procedural irregularities, bullying and financial incompetence of Labour councillors who treated APC as their private club and fiefdom.                                                                   Throughout the last 12 months APCW has maintained a neutral political stance and has criticised councillors in Anston and Rotherham when it is in the public interest their misdemeanours should reach a wider audience – and what an audience!  Anston Parish Council Watch is viewed by people in more than 15 countries and has had more than 20,000 hits (approximately 1647 per month) which is an impressive figure for a blog that is not advertised nor widely promoted.

During the past year we’ve had the Jay and Casey reports which exposed the sheer incompetence of RMBC (‘Not Fit For Purpose’) in their handling of the CSE scandal which quite frankly overwhelmed Rotherham’s Council Leaders, Borough councillors and the discredited Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright. Their collective responsibility for the shambles that followed led to the appointment of five government appointed Commissioners to run RMBC. until such time the Commissioners are satisfied Rotherham Borough Councillors are capable and competent to run the authority in a proper manner.

Locally both Anston and Dinnington councils are now controlled by Independent councillors who firmly believe that openess, honesty and transparency is the correct and only way to conduct council business and the only way to ensure residents are  kept fully informed instead of being asked for their opinions after deals were done in secret sessions.                                                                                                         2015. The year of change.


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. SALLY PEACOCK says:

    You seem impressed that your website has had over 20,000 hits. I hope you realise that many people viewing your website actually disagree with your points of view. Who runs this site anyway? I don’t see any names.


    • Watchman says:

      If ‘many people’ disagree Sally then they are free to post a comment. The owners of this site are prominent residents of the parish who choose to remain anonymous-as is their right, are names so important?
      What matters is the opportunity for the residents of Anston (and elsewhere) to know how the parish council works and to realise how APC was badly mismanaged by the Labour party for over a decade. If Independent councillors make a procedural mistake or waste public money and they do not apologise they will also be exposed on here.


  2. S Thornton says:

    Congrats, and well done for keeping the public informed of the antics of the labour party at Anston. I am sure this blog contributed to their down fall.
    Cannot keep them away, at last nights meeting, Ex Cllr Bridges,( she who probably spoke about 20 words in her whole four year term) turned up to see how things were done. I hope she was impressed when all the cllrs discussed matters in a nice friendly way, no cllrs were seen to be verbally abusing the Public, and business was done. I think she was impressed, she was so overwhelmed she left early.
    Keep up the good work.


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