Wild and Silly Rumours.

A recent letter to ‘Your Mag’ -which is distributed in Anston and Kiveton – is innaccurate in so many ways.  It was signed by “K.Fletcher” and the editor of the Mag – Debbie Singh Bhatt -published it without checking whether or not the statements in it are true.             Let me declare from the outset I am not criticising Debbie personally but I do take issue with articles in magazines that contain false and erroneous information.

Quote: ‘only 7 people stood for the 15 seats on the parish council ‘.                                          If K.Fletcher followed this blog or read the local press he/she would know that 10 candidates stood for APC -and were successful.

Quote: ‘Decent people who have served the parish well in  a voluntary capacity, some for many years, have obviously just had enough‘.                                                                Complete and utter tosh. Over 30 complaints were made to the Monitoring Officer about bullying, verbal abuse, procedural improprieties and abuses of process by Labour councillors. Add to these the stench of the CSE scandal and their financial incompetence which made them realise they had lost the confidence of most of the local residents. They resigned en masse instead of fighting the parish election.

Quote: ‘It is possible that Anston Parish Council could cease to exist‘.                               The threat to close APC was made when Labour councillors were in control of the parish council and the possibility that APC might be shut down was because the Monitoring Officer had lost confidence in Labour’s ability to run the parish council in a democratic, open, honest and transparent manner.                                                     The threat to close Anston Parish Council no longer exists.  Since the Independents took control  they have made every effort to ensure no councillors are excluded from any meetings and members of the public are given as much information as possible.           Under the chairmanship of Independent Cllr.Clive Jepson Anston Parish Council is back from the brink.

If K.Fletcher had attended every recent APC meeting and/or done a bit more research then he/she would not have written so much bovine excrement.

Debbie Singh Bhatt and K.Fletcher are welcome to reply.



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1 Response to Wild and Silly Rumours.

  1. S Thornton says:

    More Labour rubbish. This is what happens when Ex Labour Parish Councillors try to justify why they failed to stand.They feed their loyal and blinkered supporters with Bull**it, and without any checking of the facts, they believe every word. Who looks silly now, not those that feed you the Bull**it, but there again that is deliberate, would`not want to dirty their own hands would they.
    Stick to first hand information, that way you do not embarrass yourself. .


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